Prolawctor Daily Current Affairs Insights | 17 December 2020

PROLAWCTOR DAILY CURRENT AFFAIRS INSIGHTS LEGAL NEWS SC to study scope of uniform grounds of maintenance, alimony for all Gender-Neutral, Religion-Neutral uniform guidelines are being considered by SC. Uniform grounds … Read More

Prolawctor Daily News Update | 30 November 2020

LEGAL NEWS Preventive detention law allow State to crave out exception for its lawlessness: Mihir Desai senior advocate. Preventive detention law and special legislations like UAPA-anti-terror laws as they are … Read More

Prolawctor Daily News Update | 29 November 2020

LEGAL NEWS Up Governor gives assent to ordinance on “unlawful conversion” The Uttar Pradesh prediction of unlawful conversion of religion ordinance, 2020, was cleared by the state cabinet earlier this … Read More

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