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As every law of the State must satisfy the Constitutional benchmark, it is essential relationship between the Constitutional law and the Administrative law of the State. Constitutional law is the genus and administrative law its species, hence the judge-made law must comply with the constitutional provisions. There are few similarities and differences between Constitutional Law and Administrative Law.

Difference between Administrative law and Constitutional law:

1) A Constitution is the supreme law of the land. No is above the constitution and hence must satisfy its provisions and not be in its violation. Administrative law hence is subordinate to constitutional law. In other words, while Constitution is the genus, administrative law is a species.

2) Constitution deals with the structure of the State and its various organs. Administrative law, on the other hand, deals only with the administration.

3) While Constitution touches all branches of law and deals with general principles relating to organization and power of the various organ of state; administrative law deals only with the powers and functions of administrative authorities.

4) Simply speaking the administrative authorities should first follow the Constitution and then work as per the administrative law.


1) Both Constitutional Law and Administrative Law are Public Law.

2) Both have the same source of law.

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