Right To Freedom [Article 19-22]: Constitutional Law Notes

Right To Freedom: Personal liberty is the most important of all fundamental rights. Articles 19 to 22 deal with different aspects of this basic right. The rights guaranteed under Article … Read More

Salient Features Of The Indian Constitution: Consti Law Notes

The Constitution of India has some outstanding features which distinguish it from other Constitutions. The framers of our Constitution studied other Constitutions, selected their valuable features and put them with … Read More

Central Vigilance Commission (CVC):Admin Law Notes

Central Vigilance Commission: In any system of government, improvements in the grievance redressal machinery have always engaged the attention of the people. This system no matter, howsoever, ineffective completely fails … Read More

Difference between Administrative Law and Constitutional Law

RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN CONSTITUTIONAL LAW AND ADMINISTRATIVE LAW: As every law of the State must satisfy the Constitutional benchmark, it is essential relationship between the Constitutional law and the Administrative law … Read More

Article 21 of the Indian Constitution (Protection of Life and Personal Liberty ) – Constitutional Notes

“No person shall be deprived of his life or personal liberty except according to procedure established by law- Article 21 of the Indian Constitution ” INTRODUCTION The interpretation of Article … Read More

Unlawful Consideration/Object is Void [SEC 23]- Indian Contract Act Note

Section 23 in The Indian Contract Act, 1872: What consideration and objects are lawful, and what not.—The consideration or object of an agreement is lawful, unless— —The consideration or object … Read More

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