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Prolawctor Daily News Update

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High Court of Andhra Pradesh is having hearing everyday on its capital controversy.

  • Around 90 petitions have been filed against Government’s recent pronouncement regarding capital formation.
  • Government decided to have from now on three capitals Vishakhapatnam as its executive capital, Amravati as its Legislative capital and Kurnool as Judicial.

The plea filed by farmers of Lakhowal to be withdrawn by them from SC.

  • Bhartiya Kisan Union held a meeting with 13 other farmer unions and took this into consideration to withdraw their plea against central government’s decision of farm laws.
  • Leaders of BKU also said in their public statement that Central Government is not thinking about the welfare of farmers and other similar people related to this community.
  • It is an atrocity on these Unions and Government is imposing these laws without the will of farmers.

Petition filed against CM Yogi Adityanath’s UPSSF Act 2020.

  • In Allahabad High Court’s Lucknow bench a petition has been filed opposing the UTTAR PRADESH SPECIAL SECURITY FORCE Act 2020 which has been elapsed by state’s legislature.
  • Under this Act a special force will be formed which will have the power to arrest and search without warrant.
  • The hearing is yet to be done.

Sign of relief for Netflix in its legal battle for Rogue Billionaire series.

  • A petition was filed against a Netflix series “Rogue Billionaire”
  • This show portrayed how Businessmen of India had tussle with Indian law and showcased the content in a very laymen way.
  • Court has allowed the streaming of this show after considering every aspect.
  • Though few episodes are still in trouble in a local court of India.
  • However Netflix has restrained itself from commenting on any even regarding the show or its legal battle and even its win too.

Bombay High court made it clear that COVID-19 is not a considerable reason for shifting a kid who is under Custody.

  • A petition filed by a Thai woman (India born) argued that she wants to shift to Thailand with her family along with her son because of the COVID-19 situation in India.
  • She also said in her petition that here in India she has no facility here and is alone here.
  • She also argued that situation in Thailand are way better than here in India.

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Greece’s Neo-Nazi Politicians: Found Guilty of heading a crime gang.

  • Golden Dawn leader, Nikos Michaloliakos and other 18 ex-MPs were on trial.
  • The key verdict was that Golden Dawn was held guilty of running a criminal gang.
  • Other than deadly stabbing of Pavlos Fyssas, they were also held guilty of many other violent attacks on left-wing political opponents and migrants.
  • Evidences and witnesses cleared that members were trained to handle weapons and used Nazi symbols.

New law has been passed in France to protect child influencers.

  • The law has been passed to safeguard young social media stars.
  • This focusses on right of children to be obliged to take down content on their requests.
  • This change is likely to make France forerunner in the rights of social media stars.
  • Mr. Studer stated that, “Children’s rights must be preserved and protected, including on the internet, which must not be a lawless area.”

Missile and other nuclear programmes being conducted in North Korea.

  • In North Korea, October 10 is marked as the celebration of anniversary of Korea’s Workers’ Party and is one of the most important holidays of the country.
  • Pyongyang is likely to unveil several new missiles and more on October 10 of this year.
  • Pukguksong-3 SLBM, which was already at test last year, is likely to grab attention this year too. Its range of 2,000 km is likely to put South Korea and Japan at nuclear risk.
  • South Korea does not currently have defences against SLBMs.
  • Trumps’s reaction to Kim breaking his pledge against nuclear and missile tests would be uncertain. These upcoming celebrations in North Korea are believed to cause dangerous results after the U.S. elections.

Kuwait: Present National Guard Minister expected to be as next crown prince.

  • Sheikh Meshal Al Ahmed Al Jaber Al Sabah, has been nominated to be next possible crown holder of Kuwait.
  • For him to be officially named as prince, lawmakers must approve him during their final session on 8 October.
  • He has devoted his entire career to the Kuwait’s ministry. He has steered clear of the country’s tumultuous politics and the royal family’s public feuds over corruption allegations.

2 Cuban doctors have been released in Somalia by Extremists.

  • Two Cuban doctors who have been released were kidnapped in Kenya’s Mandera Country in April 2019 and held for a year and a half in neighboring Somalia.
  • They have been released after months of negotiations with their captors.
  • The Somalia-based al-Sahab was expected of the kidnapping. The extremist group has pledged retribution against Kenya for sending troops to Somalia to fight the extremists.

Voting in Ethiopian Parliament results in discontinuing their relations with Tigray region leaders.

  • Ethiopian lawmakers have ruled that federal officials should cut off contact with leaders of the northern Tigray region.
  • This decision does not amount to complete rupture of relations, as the federal government will continue to provide basic services to local institutions.
  • Ethiopia had postponed its national elections due to the corona virus pandemic but Tigray went ahead with its own unsanctioned regional elections on September 9.


3 militants were killed during a search operation; “They were offered to surrender, but turned it down”, says a police official.

  • 3 militants were killed in South Kashmir during a search operation. Preliminary reports say that all the 3 militants were locals.
  • The police official stated in the interview that the militants were given a chance to surrender but they turned it down.
  • The operation stated on Tuesday but was suspended in the evening due to darkness and later resumed on Wednesday morning.

India and Japan join hands and finalize text of cybersecurity pact: Pact will promote cooperation in areas of 5G and AI

  • India and Japan has finalized the cybersecurity pact on Wednesday which is believed to promote cooperation in the areas of Artificial Intelligence, IOT, Critical Information Structure and 5G.
  • However the roles are yet to be disclosed. The official statement has not disclosed the role that each country will play under the agreement. Neither the ongoing military tension in the country was featured by the authorities.

Whether the detention of 70 people who protested against the farm laws justified?

  • 70 people, mostly farmers, who were protesting against the farms and demanding resignation of the Deputy Chief Minister Dushyant Chautala were arrested.
  • They were protesting on the road outside the Deputy Chief Minister’s residence.

Public places can’t be occupied indefinitely whether Shaheen Bagh or elsewhere, says Supreme Court.

  • The Supreme Court ruled that public spaces cannot be occupied indefinitely as it obstructs and causes inconvenience to people and violate their fundamental right which is unacceptable.
  • The court has ordered administration to ensure that such spaces are kept free from obstruction.
  • Supreme Court stated that right to protest comes with certain duties and responsibilities. One’s right cannot infringe other’s right. Our rights are subjected to certain limitation and democracy and dissent go hand in hand.

Extensive fire at Indian oil petrol pump in Bhubaneswar, Odisha 

  • Fire at Indian petrol pump in Bhubaneswar injured eight people. There are no fatalities so far according to officials. 
  • Two gravely wounded people have been admitted to SCB Hospital, Cuttack, and others are sent to Capital Hospital, Bhubaneswar. 
  • The specific source of the fire is yet to be confirmed, but according to fire department, the flame first started in a LPG tank, leading to an extensive explosion. Its affect could be sensed within around 2kms. 
  • After the first step of avoiding the further damage, the officials will soon, investigate the matter by the fire and explosives department. 

IRCTC’s Tejas trains to restart services

  • The Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation (IRCTC) announced that it will return to proceed with the Ahmedabad – Mumbai Tejas Express, and Lucknow-Delhi Tejas Express, from 17th of October. 
  • The company said that keeping in mind the necessary care due to pandemic, and to maintain social distancing, alternate seats will be left vacant, and no exchange of seats will be entertained once all the passengers are seated. 
  • Use of face masks and installation of ‘Aarogya Setu’ app will be compulsory. 
  • Passengers will go through thermal screening and will be given Covid-19 protection kit, before entering the coach. 
  • The luggage of the passengers, pantry areas and other such areas will be frequently and thoroughly sanitized. 

Income tax department froze assets worth Rs. 2000 crores owned by VK Sasikala 

  • On Wednesday, The IT department froze assets worth Rs. 2000 crores possessed by the former chief minister of Tamil Nadu Jayalalithaa’s assistant, VK Sasikala, by the virtue of Benami Prohibition Act. 
  • The properties were situated in Siruthavur and Kodanad. Sasikala and her two relatives Illavarasi and Sudhakaran are presently serving 4 year sentence for inordinate assets case. 
  • In the year of 2017 also, the IT department surprise attacked and found around 187 properties associated and related to Sasikala and her relative, and excavated supposed tax evasion of 1430 crores. 

Agreement to permit Swiss developer to assume work on jewar airport project

  • The Noida International Airport limited (NIAL) and Zurich Airport International signed a pivotal pact which would authorize and permit the Swiss developer to commence the work at the site of the upcoming Jewar Airport, near Delhi. 
  • NIAL’s officer informed that the concession agreement has been signed, which would allow Swiss developer to design, preserve and manage which is being built on PPP model and is announced to be the biggest in India upon its finalization. 

3 people including a Malayalam journalist have been arrested near Hathras, charged under sedition law 

  • A Malayalam journalist along with 3 other people, while on their way to meet the relative of the deceased women, who was atrociously assaulted and allegedly gang raped, were arrested by the police, near toll plaza in Mathura, and have been charged under Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Act, (this act is to prevent individuals from linking with terrorist activities) , for their supposed links with PFI and its student organisation CFI. 
  • The journalist is identified as Siddique Kappan, and other three are Atiq-ur-Rehman, Masood Ahmed and Alam. 
  • The Delhi unit of Kerala Union of working journalists also wrote to PM and CM of UP that the detention of Kappan is illegal, and they’ve filed writ for the same in the court.


ADIA to invest in Reliance retail

  • Abu Dhabi Investment Authority will invest Rs. 5,512.5 crore in Reliance Industries Ltd.’s retail unit.
  • The total fund raises to Rs. 37,710 crore in less than a month.
  • The sovereign wealth fund will receive 1.2% stake for its investment in Reliance retail Ventures Ltd.

Airtel extends pact with Ericsson

  • Telecom operator Bharti Airtel has elongated its contract with Ericsson.
  • The contract extended for deployment of 5G- ready radio network.

Cabinet approves reforms in natural gas marketing

  • Union minister Piyush Goyal, Dharmendra Pradhan, and Prakash Javadekar preaches that cabinet information comes after farm bills and labor code reform bills
  • The bills were passed by the parliament during the monsoon session.

India to close its coal plants

  • India is considering a proposal which may force some of the dirtiest coal plants to close.
  • The focus in on climate change, outcry against air pollution.
  • The scheme would curb the heat rate for coal plants at 2600 kilocalories per kilowatt-hour of electric power.

Urban company launches limitless mental health respite policy

  • Urban company launches an initiative under which employees can take limitless time off in case of mental or physical illness.
  • The policy was announced ahead of world mental health Day on October 10.


Penalty against batsman in talks

  • Ravichandran Ashwin in his show suggested that the batsman should be penalized.
  • Ashwin states that 10 runs should be penalized to the batting team if they backed up too far at the non-strikers zone.
  • Head Coach of Delhi Capitals Ricky Ponting is currently talking with ICC in this regard.

Covid-19 rules broken by Cristiano Ronaldo along with others.

  • Cristiano Ronaldo along with other Juventus players is accused of breaking covid-19 rules.
  • The Juventus players were facing isolation as 2 players were found positive and they rejoined their national team.
  • This behavior can lead them to face legal actions.

Roland Garros is my lucky place

  • Petra Kvitova makes place in French Semi-finals after 8 years.
  • Defeated  Laura Siegemund by 6-3, 6-3
  • Describes Roland Garros as her lucky place.

Honda withdraws from Formula one

  • Honda will withdraw from formula one as the car industry moves away from the internal combustion engines.
  • Withdrawal will be at the end of 2021.

Defence, Science, Technology and Medicine News.

For meeting urgent requirements due to rising tensions at China border, Defence forces considering ‘Make in India’ Carbine.

  • The Carbine is an infantry weapon used for close quarter battles for which Indian Army has been lookout since many years.
  • Indian Defence forces are considering the acquisition of ‘make in India’ Carbine for meeting their urgent requirements due to rising tensions at the LAC.

Nobel prize in physics was awarded to 3 scientists for their discoveries on Black holes.

  • British cosmologist Roger Penrose along with German astrophysicist Reinhard Genzel and American astrophysicist Andrea Ghez were awarded with the Nobel Prize for their discoveries on Black holes.

For bringing PUBG Mobile back to India, PUBG owner talks to Airtel.

  • As PUBG Mobile banned in India, it dipped by 26% in September.
  • PUBG Corporation, in Korea, is talking to Bharti Airtel for removing the ban and giving the distribution rights of PUBG Mobile in India.

24 planets more suitable for life than the Earth, as the recent discovery by scientists.

  • Scientists discovered minimum 24 planets are more liable to support life better than Earth.
  • These planets are older, slightly larger, warmer and possibly wetter than Earth.

AYUSH Ministry releases list of Ayurveda Medicine for prevention the possession of COVID-19.

  • AYUSH Ministry recommended Ashwagandha; Chyawanaprasha and Guduchi Ghana vati or the powder of Tinospora Cordifolia.

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