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Prolawctor Daily News Update

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PG level doctors lost their degrees after High Court scrapped their admission.

  • Madras High Court in its very firm stance made it clear that medical institutions should not encourage mediocrity.
  • Puducherry based 7 institutions admitted 65 students on their own. And denied those selected by CENTAC.
  • Students in their plea argued that some of them also worked as Corona Warriors and Court should at least consider this while giving decision.
  • Colleges in their defence stated that those selected by CENTAC unable to pay the fee and didn’t come up for the process of admission and cut-off date was passed.
  • Court in its decision fined the institutions and scrapped student’s degree and mentioned that few seats can go vacant but one could not compromise with lives of people by giving away the degree to those without merit.

SC denied Chinmayanand from accessing the victims statement in Rape Case.

  • Allahabad HC granted permission to rape accused Swami Chinmayanand for accessing the copy of victim’s certified statement.
  • SC clearly says that accused cannot access the certified copy under Section 164 CrPC.
  • Chinmayanand is in jail of being accused of rape. He also filed a case of money laundering against the 3 Victims.

Government of Goa and Karnataka are into a legal battle over Madhei water.

  • Contempt petition has been filed by State Government of Goa against Karnataka Government because of illegally diverting river Madhei by Karnataka authority.
  • Since 2002 Maharashtra- Goa- Karnataka are having tussle over Mahadayi River.
  • Ruling party in both the State is Bhartiya Janta party.

Leading news channels are asked to apologise and fined by NBSA regarding the reporting on SSR’s Death

  • Aaj Tak has been fined by NBSA and has to pay Rs. 1lakh for sharing sensitive pictures of SSR’S dead body and making fake tweets of late actors and sharing them.
  • Other news channels like INDIA TV, ZEE NEWS and NEWS24 are also asked to air an apology along with AAJ TAK.

PIL against media trial in SSR death case

  • A lot of media houses has passed their own judgement even before the suspected party to be proven guilty.
  • Numbers of PIL’s have been filed against the trial that Media does.
  • Court to have its next hearing on the issue on upcoming Monday.


Hackers take control over Cameroon minister’s phone.

  • Cameroon minister’s phone has been hacked by a scammer.
  • He warns his contacts not to acknowledge any requests for money.

Britain: Multi-Million-pound environmental prize has been launched by Prince William.

  • This prize shall award $1.29-million prizes every year for the next 10 years.
  • Prince quoted that, “By 2030 we really hope to have made huge strides in fixing some of the biggest problems the Earth faces.”
  • Categories included under the umbrella of prizes are protecting and restoring nature, cleaner air, reviving oceans, waste-reduction and climate change.

Ban that limits public protest has been extended by Israeli government.

  • In Israel, protests against PM Benjamin Netanyahu have been banned by extending emergency provision in the country.
  • Netanyahu stated that the restrictions are driven by safety concerns as the country fights against corona virus.
  • Numerous Israelis have demonstrated outside PM’s official residence for months this summer.
  • They wanted long-time PM to resign while on trial for corruption.

North Korea’s move to restrict US extradition has been rejected by Malaysia’s court.

  • The HC had rejected Mun Chol Myong’s assertion that the U.S. charge was politically motivated.
  • Mun has lived in Malaysia for a decade and was arrested in May 2019 after U.S. authorities requested his extradition. Mun has challenged the U.S. bid.
  • Defense Counsel Gooi Soon Seng said that, “We have filed an appeal to the Federal Court. This offense involves sanctions, and sanctions involve political character.”

Indonesia: Angry mob turns violent against new labour laws.

  • Thousand enraged students and workers criticized new labor laws. They said that they will disable labor rights and harm the environment.
  • Near presidential place at Jakarta, mass clashes and rock throwing demonstrators were evident.
  • Police had to fire tear gas at the protestors in order to get control on them.

“Damaging Hurricane Delta” leads its way towards US after slamming Mexico.

  • Delta regained its strength and heads towards the US after destroying Mexico’s Caribbean Coast.
  • The region has experienced major destruction but there were no such reports of deaths from the Gulf of Mexico.
  • In an update, US NHC (National Hurricane Center), said that Delta is expected to slam the coasts of US soon.


Huge crowd gathered when IAF Chopper had to make a precautionary landing in the open fields of Saharanpur, U.P.

  • The precautionary landing was made by the IAF Chopper after the Dhruv Advanced light helicopter underwent some technical failure during a routine training mission.
  • The helicopter was landed swiftly and safely as the result of rational and prompt actions of the aircrew.
  • Large crowd of local gathered to see the chopper.

“Pandemic not meant for profiteering”, says Maharashtra Heath Minister Rajesh Tope

  • Maharashtra, which is the worst affected state with this COVID-19 pandemic, becomes the first state in the country to regulate the prices of the masks.
  • The Maharashtra Health Minister, Rajesh Tope said in the interview that the recommendations of the committee have been submitted as soon the official order will be issues. After the said formal order is passes, N- 95 masks will be sold for not more than Rs. 50 per mask.
  • According to the recommendations submitted by the committee, the price of masks will vary between Rs. 19 to Rs. 50 depending on the quality and layer of the mask.

 DGCA has issued detailed guidelines regarding the refund of flight tickets amid COVID- triggered lockdown.

No domestic passenger flights were permitted between 25th March to 24th May and thus SC ordered for complete refund of flight tickets of personnel who booked their flight during the above- stated period.

DGCA has passed the guidelines on 8th October categorizing the passengers into 3 category –

  • Category 1 – those who booked their ticked between 25th march to 24th may for travelling within the same above stated period
  • Category 2- those who booked their tickets before 24th March for travelling from 25th March to 24th May.
  • Category 3 – those who booked the tickets prior 24th May for a journey post 24th May

Modi government is now planning on opening Oxford and Yale campuses in India

  • The bill regulating the operation of foreign university in India is pending in the parliament which the Modi government id pushing.
  • There is a lot of enthusiasm. Very soon India will have the world – class institutions, says Pokhriyal.
  • “The main hurdle will be the actual regulations,” Pai said. “My concern is that the control-minded bureaucracy should not scuttle the execution of the policy by putting in unnecessary controls.”

Ex- CBI director who was found hanging at his residence Cremated in Shimla

  • Ex-CBI director, Ashwani Kumar, was found hanging in his residence in Shimla on Wednesday.
  • He was cremated on 08.10.2020 in Shimla and his son, Abhishek lit the pyre.
  • A preliminary investigation has stated that the reason behind this step can be the sudden change or confinement during the past 6 months.
  • A 1973-batch IPS officer, Kumar became the director of the Central Bureau of Investigation in 2008. He also served in the Special Protection Group.

24 universities declared unauthorised by UGC

  • The Union Grants Commission (UGC) on Wednesday, released a list of 24 “unrecognized” or incognito universities, terming them as “fake”, most of the universities function and run in Uttar Pradesh, followed by Delhi, Odisha, West Bengal, while, Karnataka, Kerela, Maharashtra and Puducherry having one fake university each.
  • It also mentioned that since all these universities are fake, they are not entitled or authorized to confer any degree.

PM Modi assures Abdullah that Afghan peace process has full support from India

  • Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi, guaranteed Afghan peace negotiator, Abdullah Abdullah, of India’s continued encouragement for the peace process in Afghanistan.
  • Abdullah, chairman of the High Council for the national reconciliation in Afghanistan, engaged in a conversation with Modi about the peace process by Afghan government and the Taliban at Doha in Qatar.
  • He thanked the PM and citizens of India, for inviting him and their benevolent hospitality, and also thanked India for its virtuous and noble position on the “Afghan Peace Process”.
  • India expressed concern regarding the spike in violence by the Taliban and terror attacks on minorities.

NIA detained two members from 14 member IS module in Bengaluru

  • Two alleged operatives have been detained by the officials after the National Investigation Agency (NIA), busted a module of so called Islamic States (IS).
  • The names of the two arrested operatives are Ahmed Abdul Cader, 40 and Irfan Nasir, 33, from Bengaluru.
  • Amongst 13-14 people travelling to Syria in 2014, two of them are supposed to have been killed in Syria while fighting for the IS. NIA has identified the members from the group, and have carried an investigation regarding that.
  • A larger 22 member nodule travelled to Iraq and Syria in 2016, which is assumed as the largest group to ever to move to the region from India.
  • Officials said Cader and Nasir, were a party of the group Hizb-ut-Tahrir (Hut) and later made a group called Quran Circle and radicalised unskeptical men from Bengaluru. They collected funds for their visit to Syria and assisting activities of IS.

At Rail Roko in Amritsar, farmers rule Wagah trade failing off govt. policy chart

  • After 14 days of Farmers’ strike on the Amritsar-Delhi railway tracks, many protesters recalled the 2016 strike to ask for better marketing of Punjab Basmati in middle Eastern countries, from Punjab. They regretted that due to diplomatic reasons Punjab couldn’t trade its agri products through Wagah border.
  • Since India imposed 200% excise duty over import of Pakistani goods after Pulwama attack, Sawaran Singh Pandher, General Secretary of Kisan Mazdoor Sangharsh Committee, Punjab, mentioned that this led to hinder and prevent all the favourable circumstances and trade probabilities that Punjab had, since the trade near Wagah border is very profitable for Punjab.
  • He said the international disputes are impeding over the interests of farmers of Punjab.

Sawaran Singh also said, “This year again, Basmati is being procured in the open market at less than paddy MSP which is above Rs 1,850. Basmati has being procured at Rs 1700. Despite the promise in 2016, Punjab government did nothing to explore the opportunities for farmers in Iran or Middle East. Basmati farmers are back to square one again. Now you can understand shallowness in the claims of central government about more profit to farmers after market would be open,”

Republic TV along with two other channels busted for rigging ratings

  • Republic TV along with 2 other TV channels is being inspected for misrepresenting the ratings and manipulating through that to achieve advert revenues
  • The other two channels are “Fakt Marathi” and “Field Cinema”.
  • The accounts of all 3 of the TV channels could probably be frozen of held accountable for rigging ratings.
  • Central ministers have also discussed about ranking manipulation, and Supreme Court also disapproved the race for gaining TRPs through, cases like “UPSC Jihad”.
  • The officials also mentioned that if this happened in Mumbai it could be taking place in other elements in Nation as effectively.


Oil gains $40 with hurricane delta threatening Gulf output

  • Oil rose near $40 a barrel in New York with the market turning its attention to a hurricane spread to Gulf of Mexico output.
  • Energy operators in the Gulf of Mexico have shut 80% of oil yielded.
  • The hurricane is assumed to hit Louisiana coast tomorrow

Cyrus Poonawalla makes to top 10 richest person list

  • Pune’s Serum Institute India, Cyrus Poonawalla makes an entry to India’s top 10 wealthiest persons.
  • Mukesh Ambani, chairman of Reliance Industries Limited, remains the wealthiest Indian for the 13th consecutive year on Forbes India list, added $37.3 billion to his net worth.

Uday Shankar to step down in December

  • Uday Shankar, chairman of Star & Disney India and President, The Walt Disney Company to step down.
  • He will handle the position of Disney till December 31st to identify his successor to ensure a smooth transition. 

TCS to give salary hike

  • The salary raise will be across all bands of employees and it will be similar to what they had done in past years.
  • The company in effect added 7,200 trainees in India; altogether the company took in 9,784 people in the last three months.
  • India’s GDP expected to shrink by 9.6% this fiscal

India’s GDP is expected to condense by 9.6% in the fiscal year, started in March, says World Bank.

  • It is reflective of the national lockdown and the income shock experienced by households and firms due to the pandemic.



  • Kings XI Punjab is going to face Sunrisers Hyderabad today for IPL in Dubai.
  • KXIP has won just one game out of five; and are currently at the bottom position in the score boards.
  • The coach Wasim Jaffer stated that the team will focus on one game at a time.
  • The team needs to win 7 games out of their next 9 games.

Novak Djokovic health issues

  • Novak receives on-court treatment during French Open.
  • His movements looked restricted after battling the first set.
  • He will face Stefanos Tsitsipas in his next match.

Football Highlights.

  • Portugal and Spain draw friendly match in Lisbon.
  • Turkey and Germany drew by 3-3 in their friendly match.

BWF postpones Cups

  • BWF postpones Thomas and Uber Cup till 2021.
  • Reason being teams pulling out due to safety concern because of current coronavirus pandemic.


Air Force Day 2020: IFA cele+brated 88th anniversary on Thursday.

  • Brave warriors of IAF on Air force Day congratulated by PM Modi and Defence Minister.
  • Rafale fighter jet carries out a minimum radius turn within an area smaller than a hockey field forming a figure of eight, at Hindon airbase.
  • Flares fired by the Eklavya formation including Apache and Mi-35 attack helicopters at the Hindon Air Base in Ghaziabad.
  • Two Chinook helicopters take part in flypast to mark 88th Indian Air Force Day, at Hindon airbase.

Nobel prize 2020 in chemistry awarded to Emmanuelle Charpentier and Jennifer A Doudna for ‘genetic scissors’.

  • First time only women team won a Nobel science prize.
  • Using the gene-editing technique known as the CRISPR- Cas9 DNA snipping “scissors”, researchers can change the DNA of animals, plants and microorganisms with extremely high precision.

Request to PM by Indian fishermen for technology Adoption (IFTA) for infusion of technology.

  • IFTA requested PM for the urgent need to adopt new technology in the State’s fishing sector.

COVID-19 containment zones in Mumbai are now displayed by Google Maps.

  • The containment zones in Mumbai are shaded grey on google maps.
  • This feature of google maps will cover all Indian state’s and also globally.

No symptoms patients of COVID -19 may rise its spread.

  • Centers for Disease control and prevention (CDC) estimates that 40% patients experience no symptoms.
  • SARS-CoV-2 blocks these pain pathways when it locks onto Neuropilin, according to researchers at the University of Arisona in Tucson.

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