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Overqualified for Job: SC upholds ineligibility of graduate peon at bank

  • The appeal field by the bank, was allowed by a bench of Justice Ashok Bhushan, R Subhash Reddy and MR Shah, noting that it had stated in its job advertisement that the applicant should not be graduate.
  • “An employee is expected to give correct information as to his qualification. The original writ petitioner (peon, Amit Kumar Das) failed to do so. He was, in fact, overqualified and therefore ineligible to apply for the job” said the bench.

Exams cannot be conducted online, ICAL tells Supreme Court

  • Senior Advocate Ramji Srinivasan, appearing for the ICAI, said that “ There was suggestion that can we hold online exam. Our exams have different pattern and therefore we cannot hold the online examination”. Adding they test the analytical capabilities of examinees.
  • The plea alleges the conducting examination will be in violation of central government guidelines which prohibits gathering of more than 100 persons at an academic institution.

SC commutes accused’s Death Sentence to life term

  • The SC has commuted to life term the death sentence awarded to a man convicted for raping and murdering a two and -a- half-year-old girl in 2013 in Maharashtra.
  • The bench, comprising justice Indu Malhotra and Krishna Murari, delivered the judgement on an appeal field by the convict against the October 2015 verdict of Bombay High Court which had confirmed the death sentence awarded to him by a trial court.

Johnson and Johnson fail to overturn $2.12 billion baby powder verdict, plans Supreme Court appeal

  • The highest court of Missouri refused to consider the appeal of Johnson and Johnson of awarding a $2.12 billion damages to women who blamed their ovarian cancer on asbestos in its  baby powder and other talc products.
  • Johnson and Johnson said the verdict was the product of a “fundamentally flawed trial, grounded in a faulty presentation of the facts” ,and was “ at odd with decades of independent scientific evaluations confirming Johnson’s Baby Powder is safe, doesn’t contain asbestos and doesn’t cause cancer”.



Ethiopia facing miserable and dextrous civil war ahead

  • Ethiopia Prime minister Abiy Ahmed, flags the military to fight against the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) .
  • He accused them of causing attack on the military forces in the border.
  • This announcement officially started the bitter and bloody civil war in the country.

Homicidal in Vienna : jihadi claims to be the attacker

  • In December 2020, a 20 year old Islamic terrorist was released and was recently shot dead by police as he fired on passer-by.
  • The police raids the city to prevent further attacks.
  • Apart from that, on Monday a Jihadist shot four person. As a result, fourteen persons were arrested based on suspicion.

Don’t play the card, play the man says Donald trump

  • The US presidential election hung in balance which brings everyone at their corner.
  • President Donald trump falsely claimed victory and made unfounded allegations of electoral fraud and wanted to seek supreme court
  • To obtain office 270 seats is needed, it is noted that both parties still don’t reach 250 seats.

VIS MAJOR – the what ! Washington asked Paris

  • America once again proved its stand as an absolute capitalist state and officially withdrawn from Paris climate agreement.
  • It is noted that President Trump made leaving Paris a key part of his election platform in 2016, tying it into his vision of a revitalised US with booming energy production, especially coal and oil.

 Peaceful voting in US elections, despite anticipated disruption

  • US election day went on calmly amid pandemic.
  • In entire US history, this election is one most polarized presidential race.
  • 2 defining issue of the election: Virus devastating parts of the country and ongoing unrest over election outcomes after a wave of protests against racial injustice.
  • Investigation started by FBI and at New York attorney general’s office as anonymous robocalls urge people to stay home.
  • Apart from few incidents, voting went on uninterrupted and smoothly.

Victory claimed by Trump with votes still uncounted

  • US President Donald Trump falsely claimed victory while millions of votes were yet to be counted.
  • He also declared that he will be moving to the Supreme court to call of election voting as there has been fraud in the process.  

Very Explosive Situation in US, says German Minister

  • Annegret Kramp Karrenbauer, German Defence Minister said there is a possible system crisis in US as election victory is declared prematurely by President Trump.
  • A constitutional crisis can be created by Trump in US as believed by her.

Trump’s big win in Florida

  • Rough denunciation of leftist government is much owed for Trump’s win in Florida.
  • The communist government in Havana is detested by Cubans in Florida.
  • Trump campaigned for White House and a hard line was adopted by him during his presidency against this.
  • Trump’s victory was celebrated by playing salsa music and Spanish song urging everyone to cast vote for Trump was played.
  • Trump’s anti-communist rhetoric and popularity among rural whites led to his victory. 


Recovery rate of India’s Covid-19 reaches over 92%, death rate stands at 1.49% – Centre

  • According to the data updated by Union Health Ministry, 76, 56, 478 people have recovered overall from Covid-19 of which 53, 357 have recovered and discharged in the last 24 hours.
  • The overall case reported in the last 24 hours in 46, 253 taking the total number of the cases in India to 83, 13, 876. Furthermore, there has been decline in daily reported cases in the country.

Foreign Secretary contended prosperity of stakeholders would ensure Indo-Pacific Strategy

  • While delivering speech at the Policy Exchange think tank on ‘India’s Vision of the Indo-Pacific, Foreign Secretary Harsh V Shringla said that India’s Indo-Pacific Strategy depends on obtaining end-to-end supply chains in the region and ensuring prosperity for all stakeholder nations without disproportionate dependence.
  • He further added that India has always prioritized the needs of the host community and in addition promoted and contributed to infrastructure, connectivity, economic projects and supply chains in the region.

Haryana Government announces exemption in electricity duty for 20 years to the industries

  • On Tuesday, Dushyant Choutala Deputy Chief Minister of Haryana announced that the state government has decided to exclude industries in matters of electricity duty for 20 years under the Haryana Enterprises and Employment Policy 2020 (HEEP) which was only for 10 years earlier.
  • He also added that the government has planned to give special exemption to the industries involved in the management of residues of paddy straw and other crops which would not only make them self-reliant but also the state pollution-free.

Central Government accused of creating “Economic Blockade-Like” situation by Punjab

  • The BJP-led Central Government has been accused by the Punjab Government of trying to create an “economic blockade-like” by suspending goods trains due to farmers protests which is leading to “security concerns”.
  • The protesting farmers are further angered due to shortage of supply of essential goods which includes coal, urea fertilizer needed for sowing crops and gunny bags to restore recent harvest.

External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar pleads Gulf Nations to assist Indians to resume work

  • In a virtual meeting held with the Gulf Cooperation Council(GCC) consisting of all Arab Countries, External Affairs Minister S Jaishannkar urged them to facilitate the return of Indian workers and professionals to the GCC countries as they are eager to resume their work after the easing of coronavirus related restrictions
  • In the meeting, he also assured that there would be continuing supply of foods, medicines and other essential items from India.
  • More than 8 million Indians live and work in west Asia of which majority of them are within the region of GCC covered region.

Arnab Goswami arrested in Abetment to Suicide charges

  • Arnab & two others were arrested by the LCB of Raigad in Abetment to Suicide charges of Anvay Naik case of 2018.
  • Naik had left a suicide note accusing Arnab for not paying dues for interior work.
  • For Bombay Dyeing studio project, Arnab owed him around 84 Lakhs.
  • LCB said, “Arnab had attempted to transfer the money into Naik’s account after his death, but the bank rejected as the account holder was not alive”.

India’s longest burning gas Blighting lives in Assam

  • The inferno started on 9 June in Baghjan area for about 150 days now.
  • 3000+ people of surrounding areas left their homes & took shelter in camps.
  • people died in the India’s longest Burning Gas.

Delhi Airport : Threat calls received against 2 London-bound Air India flights

  • Threat calls made by the US-based secessionist group, Sikhs for Justice (SFJ) that, it will not let the flights to operate.
  • The security at the Airport has been on Alert.
  • Rajiv Ranjan, senior Delhi police officer said, “we have increased the security level. Airport is a sensitive place by default. We are coordinating this matter”.
  • SFJ group was banned by the centre under the prevention Act in 2019.

Kerala : Withdraws consent for CBI probe, Kerala followed Non-BJP states

  • After Maharashtra, Kerala Withdraws consent from CBI to investigate cases in the state.
  • Consent of Kerala Government is now compulsory to investigate cases in state by CBI.
  • Maharashtra, West Bengal, Chhattisgarh have also revoked the General Consent of CBI probe.


World’s  largest stock market crash; retail investors horrified:

  • Investors were wary that regulators’ problem with the deal could spread beyond Ant to other Chinese technology stocks.
  • The Investors were left staggering by the suspension of Ant’s group $37 billion stock market listing on Tuesday, with many having spent weeks studying the deal and lobbying bankers for shares in what was set to be the world’s biggest initial public offering.
  • Ma, co-founder of Alibaba, owns 8 per cent of Ant Group’s shares, with 50 per cent of the voting rights. The government concerns reportedly arose as the National Social Security Fund (NSSF), China’s 2.
  • It is reported that 63 trillion  yuan pension state pension scheme has been a strategic investor in Ant Group since 2015 and remains a cornerstone investor in the fintech company.

Stock markets rise ahead of U.S elections:

  • Investors are bracing for the results of Tuesday’s electoral contest between U.S. President Donald Trump and Democrat Joe Biden, which has been a key source of  the Market uncertainties besides the on-going pandemic respectively.
  • Retail Investors hope the end of a bruising U.S. presidential campaign may soon lift the heavy uncertainty that’s sent markets spinning recently. Till now, Trump and Biden have won the states they’re expected to win and no battleground states have been decided.
  • In the year 2016, all Markets around the world were caused o make a rapid succession  as results in the presidential election suggested Donald Trump was running ahead of Hillary Clinton.
  • The result of the presidential election might not be known for days because of the large number of Americans who voted early. Most importantly, what investors hope for from the election is a clear winner to emerge, even if it takes some time.
  • No matter which party controls the White House, whether that’s Trump or Biden, the old records shows that the stocks always   tend to rise.

Permitting unbundling of different layers through differential licensing:

  • New positive approach towards the year ahead for output  has also become stronger. The companies have also reported an increase in new work intakes on account of successful marketing efforts and strengthening demand.
  • The Telecom operators have altogether opposed any move to introduce differential licensing through unbundling of numerous layers, arguing that the proposal goes towards regulatory consistency and would effect unpredictable impression on investments made which will be uncertain for the investors.
  • The operators Reliance Jio, Vodafone Idea, and Airtel, in addition to business physique Cellular Operators Association of India (COAI) have asserted that such unbundling is totally undesirable and unwanted.
  • The telco has opposed the proposal to introduce differential licensing, for unbundling completely different layers, saying it goes towards the ideas of regulatory predictability and constant insurance policies.

Substantial fall in rupee as compared to dollar:

  • The home currency debilitated to 74.81 and was last seen trading at 74.69. On November 3, the rupee closed at 74.41 against the US dollar.
  • On the absolute race for the US Presidential position, the financial markets are experiencing short periods of volatility with increasing market currencies being no exception, which were largely trading weaker.
  • A private survey revealed that India’s services sector registered a sharp increase in activity for the first time in eight months during the last month as there was an improvement in the condition in demand in this sector respectively.


Diego Maradona’s brain surgery on blood clot- Successful

  • In a private clinic in Buenos Aries Maradona underwent a successful brain surgery on blood clot. The doctors were successfully able to remove the clot
  • “Diego coped well with the surgery”: Maradona’s personal physician, Leopoldo luque
  • The operation took place a day after he was admitted suffering from anemia and dehydration
  • Group of fans gathered outside the hospital with banners showcasing support for Maradona.
  • Diego Maradona is considered as the greatest footballers of all time and he even led his country to win the world cup in 1986

Rodrygo gives Real Madrid a league saving win conquering struggling Inter

  • Real Madrid baffled a second half comeback from Inter Milan to win 3-2 on Tuesday
  • Lautaro Martinez and Ivan Perisic gave Inter a glimpse of hope of victory after Benzema and Ramos lead Madrid 2-0 in the first half
  • Brazilian 19-years old came as a substitute to score the winner giving Madrid the crucial three points in the group stage against Milan
  • “It’s a very crucial three points for us” we had to win and we did it, said Zidane
  • “We have to keep our heads up and continue to work,” said Martinez

Stefanos Tsitsipas discloses injury scare ahead of ATP finals defence

  • Tsitsipas informed everyone about the injury he picked up in the semifinals of French open against Djokovic which hampered him in the fifth set
  • Stefanos tsitsipas is not sure about how his finals title defence will go later this month
  • “Right now, I don’t know. I really don’t know, “Tsitsipas  informed the media when asked about his chances at the 02 in London
  • “But that’s not an excuse, for sure. I will still fight and give my best said Stefanos Tsitsipas


Rise in COVID-19 cases, restrictions tighten in Europe

  • A total of 18,648 new cases were reported in Russia.
  • Expansion of virus testing announced by Russia, Germany and the UK as virus hospitalization spiked.
  • Restrictions have been reintroduced.
  • Germany on partial shutdown, near-total lockdown in England with universities and schools open.

CM Kejriwal: Delhi jumps in 3rd wave of Covid-19

  • Kejriwal advised the people not to panic, Government will take whatever steps needed.
  • “Giving Best Treatment & Health care facilities to covid-19 patients are the Government’s priority”, Kejriwal added.
  • The Government is trying to fulfill the scarcity of ICU Beds.
  • The infection tally in the city is crossing 4 Lakh.

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