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Prolawctor Daily News Update

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Centre request to SC has been approved as Centre assures Law

  • One man committee that was made to tackle the issue of stubble burning has been dismissed by the Apex Court.
  • This action has been taken after Centre assures to the Court that it will generate a new body through legalization.
  • The problem of stubble burning is pretty serious and The Air quality of Delhi, Punjab, Haryana and others are affected a lot by it.

SC stays Order for virtual campaign

  • Madhya Pradesh High Court gave their directions to the political parties to initiate their campaigns virtually. Due to COVID-19 situation.
  • Challenging this order of High Court three pleas were filed stating conducting election comes under The Election Commission jurisdiction.
  • Supreme Court put a stay on this order for now.

Dilip Ray has been sentenced to jail for 3 years in Coal Scam case

  • CBI special court sentenced Dilip Ray 3 years in jail for illegal allocation of Jharkhand coal block in year 1999.
  • Two others convicts are also sentenced to 3 years jail.
  • 105.153 hectares of coal mining area was illegally allocated to Castron Technologies.

First time live streaming of Hearing on YouTube.

  • HC of Gujarat as an experiment tried live streaming of a hearing on YouTube.
  • Outcome of this experiment will determine that if this process of streaming will be adopted or not.
  • In 2017 a PIL was filed requesting for the same.
  • This was the first time when a judicial proceeding can be viewed by anyone directly.



China to impose sanctions on U.S. firms over Taiwan arms sales

  • The decision taken was taken to protect China’s national interest said Zhao Lijian (Foreign Ministry spokesman)
  • In what form the sanction shall take place is still unclear.

Jubilation as Chile votes to rewrite the constitution

  • An overwhelming majority voted in support of rewriting Chile’s constitution
  • 78% had voted “yes” in a referendum that was called after mass protests against inequality.

Thailand Parliament meets to debate political protest tensions

  • A special session was called to address political tensions amid near-daily pro-democracy protests.
  • The protestors are demanding PM’s resignation, constitutional changes, and reforms to the monarchy

Belarus protests: National opposition strike gains momentum

  • A nationwide strike was called by exiled opposition leader Svetlana Tikhanovskaya, to press for the president’s resignation
  • The strike was heeded by groups of workers and students in Belarus. 

Turkey’s Erdogan urges boycott of French goods

  • Ties between France and Turkey worsen over secular values and radical Islam
  • Beheading of teacher deepens divisions in France
  • French Muslims fear state aims to control their faith


BJP MP Saakshi Maharaj urges to demarcate cremation grounds and graveyards on basis of population

  • BJP MP Saakshi Maharaj said that demarcation of cremation grounds and graveyards at several places in UP should be done on the basis of population of two major communities. He also marked that the Muslims should also begin burning their dead instead of burying them.
  • Saakshi Maharaj further added that there should be a law or provision which would allow that no land should be given for burials and all communities should opt for cremation. “Otherwise, one day, we will not even have land left for farming in the country,” he added that “our patience and decency should not be tested”.

Sonia Gandhi said right to freedom of speech suspended, dissent is now labelled as terrorism

  • Now that Bihar Assembly elections are coming, Congress President Sonia Gandhi has attacked the Modi government calling it “targeting political opponents and civil society members” and cautioned that the world’s largest democracy was at the crossroads as “dissent was stifled as terrorism or branded anti-national activity”.
  • The opposition leader marked that the Indian state had switched comcebtstion from the “real problems” of the people by pronouncing bogus threats to ‘national security’ everywhere.
  • She further said the BJP government by saying that “every organ of the State that could possibly be used to target political opposition has already been pressed into service, the Police, the Enforcement Directorate, the Central Bureau of Investigation, the National Investigation Agency (NIA), and even the Narcotics Control Bureau”.

Big ransomware attack hits PTI, services have been resumed

  • Hackers broke into the servers of news agency Press Trust of India (PTI) this weekend, disabling its service for hours on Saturday night before it started again.
  • According to sources, no ransom was given and the engineers worked through the night to fix and recover the services by Sunday morning.
  • The ransomware was identified as LockBit that encrypted data and an application, hampering the news delivery to subscribers. According to cyber security firm Kaspersky, LockBit ransomware is malicious software made to block user access to computer systems in exchange for a ransom payment.
  • This ransomware is used for huge targeted attacks against enterprises and other organisations.

NSA Doval said that India has never went to a war for selfish causes

  • National Security Advisor Ajit Doval told that India has never went to war with anyone for selfish reasons and asked spiritual gurus to spread the Indian civilizational values of peace and spirituality around the world.
  • Addressing ascetics, sages and priests at Parmarth Niketan, the greatest spiritual centre on the banks of the river Ganga in Rishikesh on Saturday, he told about the strength of India’s spiritual history and the philosophy of Swami Vivekananda.
  • He said that, the role of Indian gurus and spiritual centres is to guard this bigger sense of collective identity. While also responding to few of the comments made by the hosts at the centre, Doval said the state does not go to war with anyone just because some sections of society desire or wants it.

A jeweller from Hyderabad makes Guinness world record for embedding 7,801 diamonds in only one ring

  • Kotti Srikanth, the owner of The Diamond Store by Chandubhai made a flower shaped ring with 7,801 diamonds.
  • The ring is named ‘The Divine – 7801 Brahma Vajra Kamalam’ after a unique Himalayan flowers Brahma Kamalam.
  • The ring that has made a world record has total six layers. The first five layers have eight petals each. The last layer features six petals with three filaments in the centre.
  • The official website states that the making of this ring began in September 2018. Once the design was complete, computer-aided design (CAD) was supposed to know the appropriate number of diamonds.


Alibaba led Ant Group to raise $34.5 billion in world’s biggest IPO

  • Chinese fintech company Ant Group, an affiliate company of billionaire Jack Ma-led Alibaba Group, is set to raise $34.5 billion in its IPO in the coming weeks.
  • It’ll be the world’s largest IPO, surpassing Saudi Aramco’s IPO where the oil company raised over $29 billion.
  • Ant Group shares have been listed on stock exchanges in Hong Kong and Shanghai.

Sensex hits 3 months low, crashes nearly 600 points

  • The benchmark BSE Sensex tanked over 600 points and was trading at 40,074, while the Nifty 50 index was trading below the 11,800-mark on Monday during the intra-day trade.
  • At one point, the Sensex plunged more than 700 points and slipped below the 40,000-mark. The dip comes as sell-off intensified across major sectors.


Khabib UFC Champion retires

  • Khabib Nurmagomedov UFC undefeated and undisputed champion with a record of 13-0 and 29-0 of MMA career has announced his retirement.
  • His retirement came as a shock to his fans.
  • The Champion stated that he had promised his mother; after the clash with Justin Gaethej he would retire.

Boxing day test between Australia and India

  • Melbourne Cricket Ground will witness Boxing Day Test between Australia and India.
  • Fans are expected to be allowed to spectate the match.

F1 updates

  • Mercedes’ Lewis Hamilton Toto Wolf will continue Formula one.
  • This duo has won six titles together.
  • Lewis has stated that he will stay with Mercedes.


Defence Minister Rajnath Singh discussed expansion of Defence Corporation with his US counterpart Mark Esper.

  • As per the sources, both India and U.S is going to deepen the defence corporation among the wide range of areas in the countries.
  • Development of Indo-pacific region and cooperation on ‘Make in India’ is also discussed by the leaders.

Very poor air quality recorded in Delhi.

  • Due to the stubble burning in the states like Punjab and Haryana, the pollution level in Delhi rises.
  • Apart from that, crackers burning during Dusshera are also the reason for the ‘very poor’ AQI in Delhi.

Drones cannot be carried in Indian flights.

  • It is the order by Bureau of Civil Aviation Security, drones cannot be allowed in Indian flights.
  • This can include DSLR, Drone cameras, mirror less cameras etc.

Russian Vaccine sputnik V is going to be test on 100 Indian Volunteers.

  • The COVID-19 vaccine developed by Russia which is going through human trail is now to be tested on 100 Volunteers of India on Thursday.

British national pharmaceutical AstraZeneca’s vaccine has seen effective in elder people.

  • AstraZeneca and University of Oxford is in collaboration for producing COVID-19 vaccine.
  • The vaccine has effective immune responses in the age group of 18-55, a report claimed.

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