Prolawctor Daily Current Affairs Insights | 6 December 2020

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Prolawctor Daily Current Affairs Insights

AAJ-KI-TAAZAKHABAR Prolawctor Daily Current Affairs Insights

Legal News

1. No unnatural death means no dowry death

  • The supreme court held that there is no dowry death under section 304 B of Indian penal code if the cause of death was not established as unnatural death.
  • The apex court came to this conclusion based on the facts of autopsy that shows no trace of poison in her body.
  • Though section 113 B of evidence act aids the prosecution , Justice K M Joseph rely on the medical report.

2. National cooperative society as “A State”

  • Supreme court accepts the national cooperative society as a state under Article 12 for the purpose of liability of payment of salaries and subsistence allowance for its employees.
  • The reason for this judgement is reply on Central Government not only holds more than 77 per cent of the shares but also appoints the Managing Director of the Federation who generally happens to be a senior IAS officer, which means they are under the preview of Article 12

3. Deterrent punishment for rape cases: SC advice to seek government

  • Writ petition was filed before the supreme court to make a stringent and deterrent punishment for rape, gang rape and also seeks sex education in primary school.
  • Justices NV Ramana, Surya Kant and Aniruddha Bose bench appreciated their effort, they also added that it was not proper to direct the legislature to make law.
  • The bench also granted them to make representation in ministry of home affairs regarding this matter.

4. High court directs there should be no bias in ICC

  • The Delhi high court orders the members of Internal Complaint Committee ICC should not have members from the same department.
  • ICC’s main purpose was to enquiry sexual harassment cases. The order was to prevent bias on complaint against higher authority.

5. Supreme court adjourns SNC Lavlin case to January 2021

  • On hearing the CBI appeal against the high court verdict that upholding the special court decision to discharge the petitioner and also the Kerala Chief minister Mr. Pinarayi Vijayan.
  • On the request of Solicitor general that he needs some time, apex court adjourns the case to January 7, 2021. 

International News

1. UK president and US chief planning to break Brexit deadlock

  • UK president Boris Johnson and the European Commission President Ursula Von Der Leyen are to speak later as they try to break the post-Brexit trade deal stalemate.
  • Brexit stalemate: Boris Johnson and Ursula Von Der Leyen seek to break trade deal deadlock.

2. Russia all set with vaccinations in Moscow

  • Russia plans starting its Covid-19 vaccination programme , with clinics in the capital Moscow inoculating those most at risk from the corona virus disease
  • Its own vaccine Sputnik V – registered in August, is being used.

3. Progress on vaccines signaled “light at the end of the tunnel.”- said the WHO Director Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus

  • The World Health Organization has warned that the vaccines will be no magic bullet for the coronavirus crisis, as many nations gear up for a massive rollout to tackle surging infections.
  • The WHO however warned against vaccine complacency on Friday and what it said that an erroneous belief that the Covid-19 crisis is over with jabs on the horizon.

4. Former Australian Finance Minister – sentenced to prison

  • Former Austrian finance minister has been sentenced to eight years in prison- involved in a high-profile corruption scandal.
  • Karl-Heinz Grasser was found guilty on Friday of embezzlement, receiving bribes and falsification of evidence in a deal to sell thousands of publicly owned apartments.

5. RAF has captured World’s biggest iceberg

  • An RAF aircraft has captured some images of the world’s biggest iceberg as it drifts through the South Atlantic.
  • Pictures showing multiple cracks and fissures, innumerable icy chunks that have fallen off, and what appear to be tunnels extending under the waterline.

National News

1. Concerns raise over exemptions in privacy Bill by the MPs

  • Ten members of the 30-member joint parliamentary committee on the Data Protection Bill, 2019, have raised concerns against the provision in the legislation giving power to the Central government to exempt any agency of the government from application of the Act.
  • The Bill tends to provide protection of personal data of individuals and was introduced in December last year in Lok Sabha.

2. Foundation stone for new Parliament Building to be laid down by PM Modi on Dec. 10

  • Lok Sabha Speaker Om Birla said on Saturday that – Prime Minister Narendra Modi will lay the foundation stone for a new Parliament building on December 10.
  • In the new building, the Lok Sabha chamber will have a seating capacity for 888 members, while Rajya Sabha will have 384 seats.
  • The new building will have an area of 64,500 square meters and is being built at an estimated cost of ₹971 crore.

3. All the concerns related to farm laws to be looked after by government

  • In order to break the protest of the farmers,  the government on Saturday told representatives of agitating farmers that they are ready to address all their concerns with an open mind.
  • Railway, Commerce and Food Minister Piyush Goyal and Minister of State for Commerce Som Parkash, who is an MP from Punjab, were also present in the meeting.
  • Amendments to some of the concerned issues in the farm laws has been agreed by the government, but farmer leaders are still insisting on a full repeal.

4. CM says, Schools in M.P. for Classes 1 to 8 to remain shut till March 31

  • Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan has said that schools for Classes 1 to 8 in the State will remain shut till March 31 next year in view of the coronavirus pandemic.
  • No test would be conducted for the students of these classes this academic year and they would be evaluated on the basis of their project work.
  • Students of Classes 9 and 11 will be called to schools once or twice a week.
  • Schools for Classes 10 and 12 would resume shortly for the Board exams.

5. Giant African Snail invasion’s repeated waves found by study

  • A recent study on Giant African Snail (Achatina Fulica) in Asia and Africa has found that the dangerous pest species had multiple waves of invasion in India, particularly Kerala, and that new snail populations continue to arrive in India from snail-infested countries across the world.
  • A higher genetic variety than those in the native African continent has been found in the study related to Giant African Snail population found in India.

6. Handwara Narco terrorism case : Six arrested

  • Twenty-one kg of narcotics seized by the National Investigation Agency on Saturday.
  • It was revealed by the investigation that the accused were trying to smuggle the narcotics drug Heroin in Jammu and Kashmir and other parts of the country.
  • According to NIA, the money earned by the supply of Heroin was to be used for terrorist activities.

7. MP police inquiries about the children of villagers, regarding the theft gang

  • Theft gang busted for including and investigating children of local villagers, to steal.
  • MP police asks villagers about the details of those children who stays away from home.
  • The investigation revealed that the villagers, lease out their children to them
  • The lease is made on the yearly basis for Rs.  10-12 Lakhs for the children upto the age of 9-12 years.

8. Minor girls missing from two days, found under a bridge

  • The two girls aged of 6 year and 8 year old, went missing on Tuesday.
  • The deputy minister says that the girls ran away from the home because their parents were busy and unable to take care of them.
  • According to the senior police inspector, the girls were found in the home of a beggar, who took them in and fed them. 

9. Woman went to buy milk, got killed by a vehicle

  • Laxmi Balaji Kamble,  went to buy milk, where she met with an accident.
  • The woman faced many injuries and lost her battle to life.

10. UP police arrested seven people under the anti-conversion law

  • UP police arrested the boy and his relatives for forcing a girl to convert her religion.
  • The police is making efforts to arrest the accused person and his relatives who helped him in abducting the girl.

Business News

1. India Airlines will incur a loss

  • Credit rating agency ICRA Ltd has said in a report that India airlines will incur a loss of about Rs. 21,000 core during Fiscal Year 2021.
  • Indian airlines will incur a monetary loss of about Rs. 21,000 Crore because travel restriction imposed on passengers due to corona virus pandemic.

2. India has amendment its transfer of Technology Policy

  • India has amendment its transfer of Technology (TOT) policy for the space sector to allow foreign companies.
  • Now companies allow for direct access of technologies developed by ISRO and the department of space (DoS) for the first time.

3. Microsoft Edges malicious extensions and enhanced and Twitter Security

  • Microsoft has removed 18 Edge Extensions that injected ads into user’s search results, ZDNet report.
  • The tech giant received numerous complaints from Edge users via Reddit and removed the extension after an investigation.

4. India has the potential to export motherboard: ICEA

  • India has potential to export motherboards technically called printed circuit board assembly (PCBA), worth up to RS.8 lakh core between the 2021-26.
  • Mobile device industry body ICEA and EY said this in a joint report.
  • However, in the absence of government incentives and subsidies the expert potential will be around Rs.29, 500 cores during the five-year period, report said.

5. Among the “Asians of the year nominated by the Straits Times is Indian Manufacturer 

  • Adar Poonawala, Chief Executive of the Serum Institute of India, a vaccine manufacturer, is among the six people named “Asians of the Year” in Singapore’s leading daily, the straits their work.
  • The Pune- based Serum Institute of India (SII) has collaborated with Oxford University  and a British- Swedish Pharmaceutical company.

Defence, Med and Tech

1. Expert says since June covid-19 virus types has changed

  • We have seen only type 20B but, there are four different types.
  • DR. Shouche said second wave of covid-19 will be more severe.
  • The second wave case are witnessed in Italy, Germany, and Russia.

2. Russia started inoculation in Moscow

  • For vaccine thousands of people signed up in Moscow.
  • Book Free appointments at 70 sites for professional aged group 18-60 in online registration service for city residents.
  • each person will receive two injection, after 21st days of the first injection the second one will be injected.

3. Amazon CEO shared a video of rocket engine that will take the first women to the moon

  • Bezos shared a video clip shows powerful flames coming out of the rocket engine.
  • Video shot was of an on-going test at NASA’s space flight centre at Huntsville in Alabama.
  • BE-7 is a high-performance, additively constructed liquid hydrogen/liquid oxygen lunar landing engine.

4. NIA has filed charge-sheet in KLF under narco-terror case

  • Person involved in illegal activities like selling drugs smuggled from Pakistan.
  • Accused is a resident of Punjab’s Moga district, used to receive heroin smuggled from Pakistan from Jajbir Singh Samra.

5. Firing started at 9:30 pm across the border in Jammu and Kashmir

  • Firing from both the sides continued till 3:35 am, there was no damages update on the Indian sides.
  • Pakistan troops did fire for few minutes in Gurnam and the Karol Krishna considered to be out posted areas.

Sports News

1. New Zealand’s cricket player Corey Anderson declared his retirement from international cricket:-

  • Fantastic all-rounder cricket player Corey Anderson, who once held the record for fastest ODI hundred declared his official retirement from international cricket and signed a three year deal with USA’s major league cricket .
  • The 29 year old player secured the record of fastest ODI century in 36 balls against West Indies in 2013.

2. The Indian Junior women’s Hockey Player Gagan Deep Kaur is learning new tricks from her senior players and targeting progress in her career:-

  • Defender Gagandeep Kaur, who is a member of junior women’s hockey team since 2016, is aiming to progress in her career by practicing new tricks in the game.
  • She is learning new tricks and forms of the trade from the players in the senior team. She said that she was happy to have got a chance to interact with the senior players for guidance and advice.

3. Indian Chess Player Shirnath Narayana asked to pay a custom duty on the gold medal after his victory in online chess competition:-

  • Shirnath Narayana received his gold medal three month after the online competition. He asked to pay a custom duty on the gold medal and it was a case of misunderstanding between customs and courier company.
  • Sports Minister Kirin Rijiju tweeted that the issue has been resolved and the player will be given a refund of the amount. 

4. Ajin Tom the former Indian U-16 captain decide to reject L-league to promote football game at a local level:-

  • According to Ajin Tom, professional Indian footballer, the players need to choose the right club at the starting of their career to develop their skills in the game.
  • The 20-year-old footballer rejected exciting offers from Indian Super League clubs of Mumbai and joined the Gokulam Kerala FC to promote the local football game.
  • “Many seniors told me that these clubs (Mumbai and Blasters) are more likely to go with experienced players” said Ajin Tom on giving snub the ISL.

5. New Zealand V. West Indies: WI trailed by 185 runs in the 3rd day of first test match series:- 

  • On the 3rd day of the test match the current score of West Indies is 138&196/6 , the WI players are struggling a lot after the wonderful innings of NL.
  •  In the middle of the match rain has stopped play and tea has been taken with WL on 30 for 4. J Blackwood and A. Joseph played the 3rd day innings.

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