How can a law student stay productive during quarantine?

How can a law student stay productive during quarantine - Prolawctor

“A good lawyer is the one who knows the law, but a great lawyer is the one who knows the judge.”

Any aspirant Harvey Specter reading this blog might grab a couple of tips and tricks on how to ace their time locked down inside their houses. This blog gives out some general tips and tricks, which every law student can follow. These simple yet important things will not just keep you engaged (away from boredom) but will also give you and your CV an edge over others.

Build contacts with just a few clicks

Firstly, having contacts is not just cool, but a survival necessity these days. A wide professional circle becomes all the more important for a lawyer, for a plethora of reasons. Apart from jobs, LinkedIn can also help you get those fancy internships at the top law firms. Well, if you, like others feel that the right time to make a LinkedIn account is yet to come let me tell you, that it is never going to happen. Today is the right time to make a LinkedIn profile for yourself. The earlier you start, the more the contacts you build. So all those first-year law students thinking about skipping this advice, trust me you will regret it when you see your roommate get an internship at a fancy law firm in the third year, because of maintaining that profile and building contacts over the years.

So use this time, collecting all those certificates from all over your house and listing them on LinkedIn. Try to connect with as many professionals as possible. Only experience can teach the art of building contacts. No online course can teach you that in 30 days!

Mind your language

Speaking fluent English might be a cakewalk for some. However, many of us still find it difficult to speak the language of the corporate world. This might be a good time for you to work on this skill. Reading English news and novels do help, but my piece of advice would be to join an online course to learn the language by the experts. A little brushing up on the grammar skills, and voila, you become an English pundit.

Having a good command over this language will also help you build confidence, as you will not stop yourself from putting forth your point in a class or in a debate just because of the fear to speak in English.

Guide for online course seekers

Online courses are becoming popular these days. Not just among law students, but other students as well. However, doing some research before joining an online course is always advisable. Usually a third or fourth-year law student will join the courses based upon his fields of interest. However, a junior law student, still yearning to explore options in law must follow these tips before randomly joining any course online.

First, try finding the syllabus breakup for your entire course. You should find it on your college website. In case, it is not available there, try approaching a senior for help. Then, look out for those subjects, which will be optional (electives). Assuming you have enrolled for a five-year law program in India, you should have your electives from third year onwards (for example, Intellectual Property Law is an elective subject in most Indian law colleges). Since, you will be bound by the time later you might never get a chance to explore that subject. Hence, you should ideally choose those subjects, which you find interesting at the same time, are optional in your college. This will give you an edge over the others, as either you will have completed more subjects by the end of your college, or you will be having an expertise, in case you take up the same subject as an elective later on. It is a win-win!

Skill up now or it will be too late

Did you face that embarrassing situation, when you sent a research paper with a spelling mistake on its cover? Or a moot memorial mess-up? If you have an awkward smile on that face of yours, this one is for you my friend. Letting bygones be bygones, this is the high time for you to brush up on those drafting skills.

Compete with your friends, not in a game of Ludo, but in various online memorial-making competitions. You will find numerous such competitions online. This will not just improve your drafting skills, but will also strengthen that moot team bond of yours, if at all you have one. In case you do not, use this time to socialize a bit. Find some college mates, who are willing to take out some time from their busy online gaming schedule. Team-up and compete!

Now that your drafting game is strong, let us look into the other essential skill a lawyer should hone. Yes, you guessed it right, Public Speaking. Not just the ones in litigation, any law student in general, is supposed to be a good orator. To work on your speaking skills, start by taking baby steps. Maybe, reading out stories to your grandparents or younger siblings, or speaking aloud in front of a mirror. These small exercises will gradually improve your oratory skills.

That government job your dad wants you to get

Well who does not like a decently paying job coupled with respect in the society and a never-ending list of facilities. A government job might be a hard nut to crack, but once done, the fruit is enjoyable for life. This is a good time for you to start looking for government job opportunities. Career options like the Judiciary, JAG (Military), or even Civil Services, might be lucrative packages for many. Having an eye for such career options is a great choice. Once the mood is set, you can start working on your general knowledge, history, civics, and geography for the time being. Experts advise that the CBSE textbooks from class 6th to 10th are very helpful for cracking such examinations. So lucky you, if you still have those old books preserved in your house. Online courses and books are always an option.

Health is wealth

Maslow’s table of hierarchy might not focus on the importance of happiness at every stage of life, but without it, the journey to the top is almost impossible. A person should be happy for him to be able to chase his dreams, to become the best version of himself. Mental health should therefore be the top priority. Realising how we feel and understanding our thoughts and emotions are the principle requirements of keeping a check on mental health. No need to go to fancy gyms or even break a sweat. All you need to do is find a calm and cosy corner of your house, sit there and just observe your thoughts. If you feel happy, you are good to go. However, if you are disturbed or you feel something unusual, consider this as a sign that you might need help. Talk to somebody you feel comfortable with or tell your parents about it. Try solving this issue as soon as you can. You can find numerous therapists willing to provide online sessions these days.

Now, as they say, ‘a healthy mind, stays in a healthy body’, taking care of your physique is equally important. Yes, it might be difficult to control the urge to binge watch the latest online series, but you need to give yourself some break from those screens now and then. Maybe take strolls inside your house a few times a day, instead of continuously sticking at one place gazing at the T.V. or the laptop. One can also use this time to learn about nutrition. You will be surprised with the amount of nutritional myths you’ve been living with. Also, try including some exercise to your daily routine. Yoga is a very good option that is beneficial for both, mental and physical health. Various free of cost home workout out tutorials are also available that can be helpful. Just remember, you need to be healthy if you really want to enjoy your wealth. Otherwise, the only person enjoying your wealth is going to be your doctor.

-Mrtyunjay Kandpal

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