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Prolawctor Daily News Update| 12 September 2020- Prolawctor
Prolawctor Daily News Update

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CS Karnan arrested for his abusive videos

  • The former Justice of Madras high court and Calcutta high court CS Karnan was arrested by the Chennai police for his videos for abusing judges and making rape threat to their wives and women lawyers.
  • He was charged with sexual harassment and obscenity.
  • Last month he was held by Supreme Court for his attempt to barge the retired Justice Banumathi’s house.
  • It is to be noted that, he was also held contempt of court while he was in office by making statement against collegium of Supreme Court.

Green tribunal welcomes green crackers

  • National Green Tribunal (NGT) imposes ban of crackers in major cities and towns where air pollution at peak.
  • In its direction, during this pandemic situation people must shift towards green crackers which eco-friendly.

CJI asks the road to take you turn

  • “Why can’t the road take a turn around the tree? That will only mean that speed will be slow, If the speed is slow, it will lower accidents and will be more safer” asks the CJI S A Bobde over the Krishna Goverdhan road project in Mathura.
  • he also added the Uttar Pradesh government can’t fell thousands of trees in the name of lord Krishna.
  • These living trees give oxygen that should be considered in valuation.
  • He also suggested to make a zig-zac road in order to protect environs as well reducing accidents.

Bail for Rakhi: a mockery on victim

  • Madhya Pradesh high court grants bail for accused to be tied with Rakhi by his sexually harassed victim.
  • Against this order, plea was filed in Supreme Court by Attorney general KK Venugopal where he added judges must come out of patriarchal stereotype.

Attorney general rejects contempt against Shefali Vaidya

  • Attorney general KK Venugopal refused to permit to initiate the contempt proceedings against Author Shefali Vaidya for her tweets which was published one year ago.
  • Under section 20 of contempt of courts act, 1971 the contempt jurisdiction should not exceed one year, by quoting this, attorney general rejects.


Vaccine approval successfully marks,”the start of the end of covid

  • Coronavirus vaccine: World leaders and organisations, except the United States, have already pledged $8 billion to research, manufacture and distribute.
  • Countries have ramped up efforts to develop a vaccine.
  • UK approves Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine, first in the world.
  • Russia to present Sputnik V covid vaccine at UN today.
  • India is looking to secure 600 million doses of the Covid-19 vaccine by leveraging its manufacturing capacity.

Highest known temperature in the world:2020

  • 2020 set to be one of three hottest years on record despite La Niña’s cooling effect, news report says.
  • Record wildfires, A deadly hurricane season, Arctic sea ice at its lowest ever, Drought, Floods, Heatwaves.
  • The World Meteorological Organization’s (WMO) annual climate report, released on Wednesday, reads like a long list of extreme weather and natural disasters but it may well be a preview of things to come.
  • According to the report, more than 2,000 deaths were reported during the flood season in India, Pakistan, Nepal, Bangladesh, Afghanistan and Myanmar.
  • A number of temperature records fell this year. When the mercury reached 54.4 degrees Celsius in California’s Death Valley in August, it was the highest known temperature in the world in at least the last 80 years.

Joshua Wong sentenced to 13 months in prison: guilty of protest

  • Hong Kong activist Joshua Wong sentenced to 13 months in prison over 2019 protest.
  • Hong Kong pro-democracy activist Joshua Wong has been sentenced to 13.5 months in prison after pleading guilty to inciting and organizing an unauthorized protest outside the city’s police headquarters last year, during months of unrest over a proposed extradition bill with China.

Jacinda Ardern on Wednesday declared a state of “climate emergency

  • The successful New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern on Wednesday declared a state of “climate emergency” before Parliament, stressing the need for rapid action in this area for the benefit of future generations.
  • New Zealand is among the countries that have pledged to achieve the goal of carbon neutrality for greenhouse gases by 2050.
  • The country, which has less than five million inhabitants, has also pledged to produce 100% renewable energy by 2035.

Junocam images for the love of science : Kevin Gill

  • Kevin Gill: “A collage of ultra-wide-angle Jupiter views created using reprojected images captured by the Juno spacecraft.”
  • The public is helping us see Jupiter like it’s never been seen before,says NASA.
  • Among the most prolific and noted submitters are people working in the scientific community.
  • Kevin Gill, a software engineer at The Jet Propulsion Lab, a NASA research and development center in California, works in data visualization and has dabbled in image processing professionally.


Captain Amarinder Singh to take first COVID-19 vaccine shot in Punjab

  •  Covid-19 vaccine in the final stages of begin in India, Chief Minister Amarinder Singh on Wednesday.
  • He will take the first shot of the toxicant in Punjab, extant cleared by the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR).
  •  The government of India strategy for vaccination, Punjab has prioritised healthcare workers, frontline workers, the elderly population (over 50 years of age) and people with the presence of one or more disorders  the meeting was deceive.

Not wearing Masks in Gujarat will Attract Community Service at COVID-19 Centre

  • The Gujarat High Court on Wednesday directed the state government to come up with a notification to make it mandatory for those violating the face mask rule to do community services at COVID-19 centres.
  • The violation of the rule will get the punishment in addition to the fine imposed on them.
  • The order came on public interest for the litigation for seeking the court’s direction to make community service at COVID-19 centres mandatory for face mask rule violation.

Sonia Gandhi appoints B.V. Srinivas as Youth Congress Chief

  • The Youth Congress has now got an official notice for the president after more than a year.
  • Sonia Gandhi on Wednesday was appointed B.V. Srinivas as the chief of the Congress’ youth chief.

Can’t Make Laws Supreme Court Declines Plea Seeking Rape Law Reform and Others

  • The Supreme Court on Wednesday “cannot legislate laws after laws”, as it “is not for wisdom of the court to make legilsation”.
  • The remarks declined to entertain a plea, for the Hathras rape and murder case, seeking reforms in law concerning rape and grievous injuries.
  • The petitioners have denied that the rape victims should have the right to appoint private counsels for fighting the cases on their behalf.
  • An amendment was made under section 301 of the Criminal Procedure Code (CRPC) 1973.

Yogi Adityanath Government Scrap Incentive Scheme for Interfaith Marriages

  • The Inter-caste and Irreligious Marriage Incentive Scheme had been in place year 1976.
  • It was initiated by the national integration department in Uttar Pradesh.

Covid-19 Active cases in India shows sustained decrease

  • On Wednesday, the active cases stand at 4.28 lakhs which is the lowest after 132 days.
  • India’s present active cases are just 4.51% of the total.
  • In past 24 hours, there was an increase of 36,604 new cases, while 43,062 patients stands discharged. Recovery rate stands at 94.03%.
  • After Wednesday, total recovered cases stands at 89,32,647.

Special Parliament session to take place in order to repeal Farm laws – new demand of farmers

  • On Wednesday, Farmers while addressing media at Singhu Border, demanded to Modi government to hold a special Parliament session to repeal the three agricultural reform laws.
  • They said that if their demands are not met then the struggles on Delhi borders will intensify.
  • Farmers don’t want to have a face-to-face discussion with the government, they just want them to repeal the laws.

UGC asked varsities to focus on Cyber Security, awareness measures

  • As the government is in the process of formulating a National Cyber Security Strategy document, the UGC commission has asked the universities to begin with cyber security awareness at school level.
  • UGC has given the directions to all the universities and Higher Education Institutes to encourage the academic department to work on cyber security and add it as a topic in the curriculum.

Phase-3 trials of Bharat Biotech’s COVAXIN begins in Karnataka

  • State is fully prepared for distribution of COVID-19 vaccine after the successful trail of Covaxin.
  • The phase-3 trials launched at Vydehi Institute of Medical Sciences and Research centre.
  • The clinical trials are happening in 25 centers of 12 states across the nation where about 26000 people are administered with vaccination.


Indian rice bought by China for the first time in decades

  • China has started importing rice from India for the first time after so long due to tightening supplies and offer of discounted prices from India.
  • India is the world’s largest exporter of rice and China is the biggest importer.
  • It imports around 4 million tons of rice annually but has avoided purchases from India.
  • This breakthrough comes at the time when both the countries are having political tensions among them.
  • China may increase importing rice from India after seeing quality of crops at a discounted rate.


The victory of India against Australia in the 3rd ODI in Canberra on Wednesday: –

  • India defeated Australia in Canberra with the fabulous partnership of Hardik Pandya and Ravindra Jadeja.
  • This partnership is considered as a third highest 6th wicket partnership for the India in ODIs.
  • In the history of Australian cricket, this is the first time that Australia have lost an ODI in Canberra.

The dispute arises between Shahid Afridi and Naveen-Ul-Haq during an LPL match is continual on twitter: –

  • “GIVE RESPECT TAKE RESPECT” The LPL franchise Kandy Tuskers Naveen-Ul-Haq replied to Afridi’s tweet on Wednesday.

Kagiso Rabada is not able to play in ODI series against England due to injury: –

  • After sustaining a Groin injury, the South African player Rabada ruled out of ODI Series against England.
  • It will be expecting that after the speedy recovery, he will play the Test Series against Sri Lanka.

Michael Schumacher’s son Mick Schumacher is ready to race for Haas in 2021 F1 season: –

  • The seven-time world champion Michael Schumacher’s son Mick Schumacher will be racing for Haas in the next formula one season with partner Russian Nikita Maze pin.
  • The 21-year-old German player is currently leading the formula two (F2) championship.


INS Shardul at naval base said Indigenous carrier to be expected by early 2022

  • The IAC project will lead to Atmanirbhar Bharat work is close to 75% of the material and equipment onboard being indigenous.

‘Flag Day’ to be observed all over December, declare Rajnath Singh

  • Some funds have been collected and put in service for the welfare of the armed forces, personnel and ex-service men.
  • Also, to rehab battle causalities.
  • Small flags to be give out on this day for collecting the donation amount.

NO-Compromising rules for technology Companies by Ursula von der Leyen

  • The president of the European commission announced rules for digital content.
  • From trade of unsafe products to spreading malice speech.
  • Illegal content will lead to threat on everyone’s freedom to speak their mind said by Ursula von der Leyen.

Covid-19 cases in India reaches to 94.99 lakh

  • Total corona virus cases mounted to 94,99,413 with 36,604 new affected in a day.
  • death rate climbed to 1,38,122 with 501 new death, the data updated at 8 am.

Japan government decided to provide free Covid-19 Vaccines to their Residents

  • Bill has been passed on Wednesday, that Japan will give free covid-19 vaccines to all its resident.
  • Government will cover all the expenses for vaccine which is 126 million.

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