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Movies and TV shows are two things from which inspiration and learnings can be drawn on various aspects. One such aspect is ‘law’ and there are numerous shows as well as movies based on the profession of law, among which few of them are a must watch. These provide valuable insights to the audience through which their knowledge in the area of law as well as reasoning can be developed. Apart from being entertaining, these Indian courtroom dramas and web series provides valuable insights to its audience. Following is the list of best law related movies and TV shows that a law student shouldn’t miss.



Available on: Zee 5

Rating: 6.6/10

A well-directed and well-executed movie, aitraaz is one of the best pieces of Bollywood film industry that brings out the unseen side of the women who take advantage of some special rights provided to them by the law. The movie outlines the character of a woman who falsely accuse a man of rape and sexual harassment. The movie makes the audience aware of the beliefs and the attitude that the society has towards any woman that accuses a man of harassment. The society has a preconceived notion of the man being the wrongdoer. Thus, the manner in which the lawyer in this movie i.e. the protagonist’s wife reveals the falsity of the woman is a must watch for every law student.

A well-directed and well-executed movie, aitraaz is one of the best pieces of Bollywood film industry that brings out the unseen side of the women who take advantage of some special rights provided to them by the law. The movie outlines the character of a woman who falsely accuse a man of rape and sexual harassment. The movie makes the audience aware of the beliefs and the attitude that the society has towards any woman that accuses a man of harassment. The society has a preconceived notion of the man being the wrongdoer. Thus, the manner in which the lawyer in this movie i.e. the protagonist’s wife reveals the falsity of the woman is a must watch for every law student.


Available on: Zee 5

Rating: 7.3/10

This movie revolves around a group of army officers, where one of the junior officers, shoots his senior officer. The entire plot of the movie is based on criminal law, where the junior officer tries every means to take off all the charges of murder put on him. The ways and means that he adopts in the movie to do so, is a must watch for every law student.

  1. OH MY GOD!

Available on: Netflix & Amazon Prime

Rating: 8.1/10

This movie became the most popular one in the Bollywood industry which involves the protagonist filing a lawsuit against ‘god’. This movie still remains the most unique one which bought an awareness among the people about all those who deceive people in the name of god. The way the protagonist of the movie presents his arguments is commendable. This makes him win the almost impossible and unachievable case against the representatives of various religions. The movie is thus a must watch.


Available on: Zee 5

Rating: 5.8/10

This movie is a story of a strong and reputed criminal lawyer who has never failed to punish criminals in her entire career. She is a lady of the morals of her profession in the movie. However, her daughter gets kidnapped and she receives a threat call where the kidnappers agree to release her daughter only on one condition. The condition being, fighting the case of their fellow mate who has been accused with charges of rape and murder. The movie thus showcases the moral and social dilemma that lawyers have to face in their life. The protagonist chooses the way to represent the convict to save her own daughter. Thus, the movie being thriller and outlining the dilemmas that almost every lawyer faces in their career is a must watch, especially for law students.


Available on: Zee 5 & Netflix

Rating: 7.5/10

This movie is based on a real-life case and is one of the most debated judgement of India. The story revolves around a reputed, honest, and one of the best navy officers, who shoots a man for personal reasons associated with his wife. He fights his case till the end and later pleads guilty on moral grounds. The majority of the jury of Bombay High Court votes in favor of the navy officer, and removes all charges of murder imposed on him on moral grounds. It thus remains the most debated decision of India’s legal system. This debated judgement must surely be watched by all law students and lawyers.

  1. PINK

Available on: Disney + Hotstar & Netflix

Rating: 8.1/10

It is one of the most impactful movies of Bollywood which is based on the rights of a women. The movie chronicles an incident where three girls get trapped and implicated in a crime by a gang of boys. When no one steps up to defend them, because the boy belongs to a powerful and dominating family of the state, a retired lawyer comes up to fight for them. The element of suspense continues throughout the movie of deciding who was correct. The movie witnesses few strong dialogues said in relation to the rights of a women. The style of defending the case and digging deep into the truth of the incident enables the girls to get justice. It is thus, a sure watch for all the law students out there. 

  1. MULK

Available on: Zee 5

Rating: 6.9/10

The movie takes us back to the times when there were major issues and tensions between Hindus and Muslims of India. The lead actor is a lawyer whose son is held guilty of deceiving the country by getting involved in the bomb blasts planned by Pakistan. The death of the son eventually leads to the arrest of the father, who is then defended by his daughter in law. The allegations primarily based on religion are all taken down by her which leads to his ultimate win. The arguments presented in the court by the actor must be witnessed.

  1. COURT

Available on: Amazon Prime

Rating: 7.7/10

‘Court’ is a National Award winner and one of the most underrated movies. It is a multilingual movie which takes you on the road of visualizing the most powerful trial. The movie is about an activist who is a protest singer. He gets falsely accused of encouraging a manhole worker to commit suicide being inspired by one of his folk songs. The way the allegations against him are proved wrong in the court, is a must watch which would provide deep insights as to the style of arguments and method of trial in the court of law.

  1. JOLLY LLB 2

Available on: Disney + Hotstar & Amazon Prime

Rating: 7.2/10

The movie is a Bollywood and Indian based movie that chronicles the reality of law and order in India. It revolves around a lawyer who tries really hard to bring out the hasty realities of corruption existing in the legal system itself. The actor falls into the vicious circle of exploitation and corruption in the beginning, but eventually finds ways to bring out the truth and solve the long-solved case of intentional encounter by the police of a lady’s husband. It makes us aware of the realities that lies behind the curtain of Indian legal system of India. It is thus, a must watch for law students.

  1.  SECTION 375

Available on: Amazon Prime & Netflix

Rating: 8.1/10

This movie made efforts to show the darker side of the women who take advantage of the rights given to them. This movie witnesses an accusation on a male movie director by a costume designer. From the beginning, the victim attracts sympathy of the media as well as the common public. The popular public prosecutor of the town undertakes the girl’s case, to only realize in the end that all the charges on the director were false. However, by this time the court convicts him for a sentence of 10 years imprisonment. The manner in which the defense lawyer produces facts in the court, is commendable. He, however lacks evidence which makes him lose the case. The criminal fight in the court must be watched by every law student.

  1. BADLA

Available on: Netflix

Rating: 7.8/10

It is one of the best thrillers and revenge movies of Bollywood. The movie casts Tapsee Pannu and Amitabh Bachchan who also received various awards for this movie. The movie outlines the murder of a boy and the charges for his murder comes on to the protagonist. She then hires the town’s most reputable and strong but retired lawyer to fight her case. The characteristics that must be portrayed by every lawyer has been shown by the protagonist. The movie unfolds various twists and turns and every moment beholds a new surprise. The movie is thus a good learning and is unmissable.


Available on: Amazon Prime

Rating: 8.2/10

The movie is the biopic of a lawyer, Shahid Azmi, who represented Muslims very frequently in his entire legal profession. He is shown to be a very strong and brave criminal lawyer who also fought on issues relating to human-rights. The movie witnesses all the past, present and future events of the protagonist where he is seen to have a very miserable past. The past events of his life come back to him as a villain and spoils his present and future. The interrogations, humiliation and life surviving challenges that he faces has been brought into light in the movie. The proceedings of the accusations put on him have been shown in detail in the movie and is a sure watch for every law student.


Available on: Netflix

Rating: 7.2/10

This outstanding movie showcases a real-life incident that took place in Delhi. The movie is about a girl who worked as a bar tender in a club and was shot by the son of a politician because of the simple reason of refusing to serve him drinks. This incident left the entire nation in shock. The entire incident from the beginning of investigation till the end of justice has been shown in the movie. The movie tries to put forward the failed efforts of seeking justice due to the existence of corruption and influence of the politicians. The movie must not be missed and is a must watch.


Available on: Disney + Hotstar

Rating: 8.2/10

This movie is based on a real-life incident of double murder case that took place in Noida, New Delhi. The case involved the murder of a teenage girl and the maid of that house. The investigations that was conducted by the CBI and other teams charged the family for the murder of the two. The actual murderers till today remain under mystery. The entire process of investigation conducted during the case has been showcased in the movie. The audience is left with the suspense of who conducted the murder and thus it is a must watch for law students to be able to form judgements on cases.


Available on: Amazon Prime

Rating: 6.5/10

The movie is founded and directed on one of the most important aspects of law, i.e. medical negligence. The negligence shown by the surgeon in the movie costs a young boy his life. The intern working under the doctor decides to fight for justice in favor of the mother. The movie is an eye opener to the audience in relation to the shortfall of duties of the famous doctors and surgeons. The fight for justice in the movie, is a must watch for every law student out there.

  1. 377 ABNORMAL

Available on: Zee5

Rating: 6.3/10

Inspired by the story of the case of Navtej Singh v. Union of India, 2018, this movie depicts the hardships and challenges faced by the LGBTQ community before the Supreme Court decriminalised homosexuality. This movie also traces the battle fought by the LGBTQ community over several years to finally get the courts to hear their voices. As the story unfolds, the viewers gets to see the back story of the four petitioners of the ongoing case. This movie is perfect for those who want to understand the hardships which the LGBTQ community has faced over a period of several years. However the the movie critiques have not given flamboyant rating to the film, but it can still be on the bucket list of someone who wants to learn more about the matter.


Available on: Zee5

Rating: 6.8/10

All the aspirant JAGS out there, here is a movie for you to watch. As law students, we all know the importance of motive behind any crime. In this movie the defence lawyer goes behind to investigate the motive behind a brutal assault done by a sensor army officer and finds out some shocking facts which are then contented in the courts. Apart from giving glimpses of an army court martial, this movie also teaches the viewer about the art of investigation and the importance of motive in a crime.



Available on: Netflix

Rating: 8.5/10

This Emmy award winning web series is recommended for every person out there who seeks to learn about the magnanimity of the 2012 Delhi Gang Rape case. Focussing upon the aftermath of the case, where DCP Vartika Chaturvedi is assigned the task to find and identify the culprits, this web series will give you a fair idea of the police proceeding in the cases of rape. This web series has done absolute justice in depicting one of the most brutal and terrific rape cases of the county which shook the capital and its inhabitants and is a must watch for criminal law students.


Available on: Disney+ Hotstar

Rating: 8.1/10

One of the popular shows available on the platform, this one happens to be just the perfect concoction of courtroom drama, police procedure and a crime thriller. The protagonist of the movie faces a time in the prison for being a murder suspect. This is a classic thriller for a law student to understand how the protagonist’s lawyer finds various loopholes in the law in the pursuit of saving his client along with the difficulties faced by the protagonist when he serves his time in the prison. This murder mystery manages to maintain a good level of suspense in the mind of its viewer apart from giving lessons upon various legal subjects.


Available on: Alt Balaji, Zee films

Rating: 8.4/10

If you are a law student then you must have herd the name of Indian Naval Command Officer, Kawas Nanavati who was accused of murdering Prem Ahuja. After finding out that he was having an affair with his wife Slyvia Nanavati. This thriller story of the Navy officer is a must watch as it will show. You the glimpses and the shades of Indian Politics and Judiciary. Watch this murder mystery to understand why the case of Kawas Nanawati in the year 1959, is still cited by several professors at you college.


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