Remedies for the Breach of Contract:The Indian Contract Act 1872 Notes

Remedies for the Breach of Contract: Remedy means course of action available to an aggrieved party when other party breaches the contract. Remedies for Breach of contract Rescission of contract … Read More

Quasi Contract & Its Types:- The Indian Contract Act Notes

QUASI CONTRACT[Contracts implied in law or implied contract] Quasi contract means a contract which lacks one or more of the essentials of a contract. Quasi contract are declared by law … Read More

Void Agreement-The Indian Contract Act 1872 Notes

2(g)- Void agreement is an agreement which is not enforceable by Law – void – ab – inito. Agreement by or with person’s incompetent to contract [10, 11]Agreement entered into … Read More

Difference: Fraud and Misrepresentation| Contract Act Notes

Fraud| The indian contract act 1872 notes| The term fraud means a take representation of facts made willfully with a view to deceive the other party. Sec.17- fraud means any … Read More

Consideration: Meaning, Legal Rules & Its Exceptions-Contracts Act Notes

Meaning of Consideration |Indian Contract Act, 1872 Notes| Consideration is a quid pro quo i,e something in return it may be – some benefit right, interest, loss or profit that … Read More

Capacity to Contract and Its Exception-The Indian Contract Act 1872 Notes

  CAPACITY TO CONTRACT Parties unable to enter into a contract Minor             A person of unsound mind  Lunatic           Idiot    Drunken and Intoxicated  Person disqualified by law Alien enemy       Foreign Sovereign       … Read More

What are the General and Legal Rules for Acceptance of an Offer??

ACCEPTANCE Acceptance 2(b):- When the person to whom the proposal is made, signifies his assent there to , the proposal is said to be accepted To know the Meaning, Types … Read More

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