Prolawctor Daily News Update | 22 October 2020

Prolawctor Daily News Update| 12 September 2020- Prolawctor

Prolawctor Daily News Update

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Universities will come under Consumer Protection Act or not SC will decide.

  • Students of Vinayak Mission University filed Petition against the institution for lack of efficiency in services.
  • Now it’s up to Apex Court to decide that will students come under Consumer and University under Service Providers.

Bail of the Man who set house on fire has been dismissed

  • During the February riots of Northeast area of Delhi a mob set a house on fire which led to the death of an elderly woman aged around 85.
  • One of the members of the mob pleaded for bail to which Court of Delhi has declined.

UN Chief of Human rights criticized the misuse of FCRA

  • The high command clearly says that India should reconsider viewing FCRA once again so that they can be more clear on its compliance with Human Rights internationally
  • To which India’s response was also clear that violating law will never come under Humans rights. And one who is committing such violation will pay for it.

Judge of NDPS received Threats in Karnataka

  • Police has arrested 2 people for threating Judge.
  • Judge received threats after hearing a drug case.
  • Threat was that if the people accused in the case will not be freed then a possible bombing will occur.


China preparing PLA for long haul at LAC

  • China is rapidly upgrading infantry weaponry and logistical support for its border troops stationed along the Line of Actual Control (LAC)
  • This is amid the ongoing boundary tensions with India in eastern Ladakh.

Explainer: Thailand anti-government protest

  • The current ruler, Maha Vajiralongkorn, became king in December 2016. Prime Minister Chan-ocha came to power through a coup in 2014 that is said to be endorsed by the king.
  • Protesters are also angry with the king as he spends most of his time in Europe and in 2017 increased his constitutional powers.
  • A scrapping of the strict lese majeste law that protects the monarchy from any criticism is also being demanded by the protesters.

Spain’s parliament debates no-confidence vote to oust government

  • Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez is facing a no-confidence debate in parliament brought by the nation’s far-right Vox party, but it appears the maneuver lacks the necessary votes to topple the government.
  • The parliament is hearing arguments for and against the motion on Wednesday before a vote scheduled for Thursday. Vox argues that Sánchez’s government must depart for what the party says is the poor handling of the pandemic by authorities.

Five points from US government’s lawsuit against Google

  • Google’s search competitors aren’t very competitive
  • It sees Apple as a key enabler
  • The ghost of Google in Amazon’s smartphone flop
  • The government is worried about how we’ll search in the future

China’s shaky victory at UN elections reveal its great fall

  • China received the lowest votes among the 15 countries elected to the UN human rights council, an outcome of its human rights record and a fallout of President Xi Jinping’s belligerent diplomacy.

Hurricane Epsilon, the tenth of a busy season, nears bermunda

  • Epsilon is expected to make its closest approach to the island on Thursday night, and there is a risk of a direct impact, according to the US National Hurricane Centre.
  • A tropical storm watch is in effect for Bermuda and residents have been urged to closely monitor the storm.
  • Large swells generated by Epsilon are already affecting Bermuda, the Bahamas, the Greater Antilles, and the Leeward Islands, and are expected to cause life-threatening surf and rip current conditions along the coast of New England and Atlantic Canada during the next couple of days.


On India- US agenda, a plan to share defence intel from Ladakh to South China Sea

  • India and U.S leaders will build on past gains at the meeting being held weeks before the US Presidential elections on November 3, comfortable in the knowledge that there is bi-partisan consensus within the US on deepening India-US strategic relationship.
  • The 3rd two plus two ministerial meeting next week will see both India and the United States consolidating military-to-military relationship between the two democracies to move towards institutionalised intelligence-sharing agreement.

Goa CM accuses Independent MLA of land dealing setting, he withdraws support

  • Independent MLA Prasad Gaonkar has introduced withdrawal of support to the BJP authorities in Goa after a warfare of phrases with chief minister Pramod Sawant.
  • CM had publicly accused him of trying to do ‘setting’ over the acquisition of land for establishing an IIT in Goa. Gaonkar had lent his support to the BJP-led authorities in Goa since 2017.

India- Bhutan hydropower projects bags prestigious Brunel Medal

  • The 720 MW Mangdechhu project, which was jointly inaugurated by the prime ministers of the two countries in August 2019, was awarded the medal for excellence in civil engineering by the UK-based Institute of Civil Engineers.

Indian Army’s flood relief teams on standby in Hyderabad and Secunderabad

  • With the forecast of heavy rains in the next few days, Indian Army flood relief teams have been put on standby in Hyderabad and Secunderabad for anticipated rescue operations of people.
  • The Indian Army said on Tuesday that the teams were kept on standby on the request of the state government.

Satyendar Jain said Plasma therapy saved his life and ICMR shouldn’t remove it

  • Satyendar Jain, health minister of Delhi, on Wednesday, said that plasma therapy, used as a treatment against the coronavirus disease (Covid-19), is effective and should not be removed.
  • He said this between reports that the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) is planning of removing plasma therapy from the national guidelines for treatment of Covid-19.
  • Plasma therapy is a process where the blood of a recovered Covid-19 patient is used as antibodies for those infected.

Defence minister Rajnath Singh might visit Sikkim on the occasion of Dussehra

  • Amidst the continuous border conflict with China, Defence Minister Rajnath Singh might pay a visit to Sikkim this Dussehra to boost the morale and spirit of troops deployed there against the People’s Liberation Army (PLA).
  • Rajnath Singh is also likely to inaugurate few of road projects and strategic bridges built for swift movement of troops and common citizens to border areas.
  • The Defence Minister might also do “shastra puja” at one of the common units deployed in Sikkim near the China border by Hindu tradition where arms are worshipped in Dushehra by warriors.

‘Lost’ river has been discovered again after 172,000 years that ran through Thar Desert

  • Researchers have discovered the evidence of a “lost” river that ran through the Thar Desert, near Bikaner, around 172 thousand years ago, and might have been a life-line to the big human populations helping them to inhabit the region.
  • The findings show the oldest directly dated phase of river activity at Nal Quarry in the central Thar Desert.
  • This evidence shows that a river flowed with different levels of activity dating to approximately up to 172 thousand years ago, nearby to Bikaner, Rajasthan, which is over 200 kilometres far from the nearest modern river.
  • The researchers applied a method called luminescence dating to comprehend when quartz grains in the river sands were buried.
  • The results pointed out that the strongest river activity at Nal took place at around 172 and 140 thousand years ago, the time when the monsoon was much weaker than today in the region.
  • The time period over which this river was actively flowing also overlaps with significant transitions in human behaviour in the region, which is connected with the earliest expansions of Homo sapiens from Africa into India, said the researchers.

Maoists in Jharkhand threatening to kill those people working on road projects

  • Maoists in India have been threatening to kill people involved in road construction works in West Singhbhum district of Jharkhand in their bid to make , maintain and expand their liberated zones by leaving pamphlets at a road construction site on strategically crucial Arki-Bandgaon road, said police officials.
  • Maoists attacked the construction site late at night on Monday and blew up four excavators, a JCB machine, four small vehicles and a motorcycle.

Cabinet gives its assent to give bonus to Central Employees with which Over 30 Lakh employees will be benefited

  • On Wednesday, the Cabinet gave its assent for giving Rs 3,737 crore of bonus and non-productivity linked bonus to 30 lakh central government employees within a week, which the government said will boost and increase demands in the festive season.
  • While announcing this, Union minister Prakash Javadekar said that at least 30 lakh non-gazetted employees will benefit from the announcement and the bonus will be disbursed in one instalment before Vijaya Dashami.
  • The share of the beneficiaries including 17 lakh non-gazetted employees like railways, post office, EPFO, ESIC and production will be Rs 2,791 crore. The rest 13 lakh government employees will get non-productivity link bonus of Rs 946 crore.
  • Finance minister Nirmala Sitharaman notified about additional allocation of Rs 37,000 crore for capital expenditure to give money to employees ahead of the festival season, hoping to almost fulfil demand of Rs 1 lakh crore.


India is inspiring, its research & manufacturing critical for COVID-19: Gates

  • Addressing the Grand Challenges Annual Meeting 2020, Bill Gates said that India is “very inspiring” as it has made huge strides in improving the health of its people in the last two decades.
  • “Now, India’s research and manufacturing will be critical to fighting COVID-19, especially when it comes to making vaccines at large scale,” he added.

Jio, Qualcomm test 5G network, achieve speed of more than 1 Gbps

  • Reliance Jio and US-based Qualcomm along with its wholly-owned subsidiary Radisys Corporation announced their efforts to develop 5G architecture in India.
  • The two companies announced they have achieved over a 1 Gbps milestone on the Reliance Jio 5GNR software using a Qualcomm platform.
  • “This achievement…signifies the entry of Jio and India into the Gigabit 5G NR product portfolio,” they said.

India should abide by one-China policy: China on India-Taiwan trade talk reports

  • Amid reports that India could open trade talks with Taiwan, China said India should abide by the one-China policy and approach ties with Taiwan “prudently and properly”.
  • “We firmly oppose any official exchanges between countries having diplomatic ties with China and Taiwan or signing any official documents,” Chinese foreign ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian said on Tuesday.

In India’s biggest property deal, RMZ to sell $2bn of offices to Brookfield

  • Brothers Raj and Manoj Menda-owned developer RMZ Corp will sell 12.5 million square feet of its commercial properties to Canada’s Brookfield Asset Management in the biggest real estate deal in India.
  • RMZ will sell a part of its core portfolio across Bengaluru and Chennai and its co-working business CoWrks. The company said it will have zero debt after the deal.


Bravo out of IPL 2020

  • CSK CEO Kashi Vishwanathan has reported that Dwayane Bravois out of IPL due to his injury.
  • Bravo is suffering from Groin injury and will further not be playing IPL 2020.
  • CSK player Bravo has scored only seven runs during his innings and has got 6 wickets in this season.

PV Sindhu in London

  • PV Ramana father of Olympics silver-medallist PV Sindhu reveals that she is in London since last 10 days.
  • Sindhu is preparing for next year’s Asia leg of BWF calendar and has expressed that she is not happy with the training of national camp.
  • It is also reported that Coach Pullela Gopichand was informed about Sindhu’s London practice training trip.

Champions League

  • Barcelona beats Frencvoras by 5-1.
  • Challenge on Tokmac Nugen landed Gerard Pique with a red card.
  • Barcelona to play its next match against Juventus.

Tokyo Olympics

  • Tokyo Olympics officials reported that it is on alert for cyberattacks.
  • The organisers of Olympics stated that they have taken proper countermeasures.
  • Britain has somewhere blamed Russia for the alert as it thinks that Russia has targeted games.


To discuss defence cooperation, Indian army vice chief meets US army officials.

  • For strengthening military cooperation of India-US, Indian Army Vice chief Lt Gen SK Saini meets US army officials on October 20 on the occasion of US army 25th infantry Division Lightning Academy.
  • It is a 3 day visit of Indian Army vice chief.

Flood in Hyderabad.

  • Heavy rain and thunderstorm is expected for another next two days.
  • Many people lost their homes and got affected.
  • School and college exams have been postponed till Dusshera in Hyderabad.

Mi smart speakers launched.

  • Rs.2, 999 is the cost of new Mi smart speakers.
  • Mi claims to give big sound in fewer amounts.
  • The speakers of these new speakers were powered by google Assistant.

Atmanirbhar bharat move, COVID-19 vaccine trails are in progress.

  • 2 COVID-19 Vaccine clinical trials are in phase III conducted by the CSIR (Council for Scientific and Industrial Research).
  • COVID-19 recovery rate rises in India.

Recovery rate of COVID-19 in India rises by 88.8 percent.

  • India has recorded 76, 51,107 confirmed COVID-19 cases, including 1, 15,914 deaths.
  • 7, 40,090 are the still active cases in India.
  • 67, 95,103 people have been cured till now.

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