Prolawctor Daily News Update| 14 September 2020

Prolawctor Daily News Update| 14 September 2020- Prolawctor

Prolawctor Daily News Update

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PTI seeking for the right of same-sex couples to get married

  • The PTI filed on behalf of Activists and members of LGBTQ Community in Delhi HC.
  • The petition seeking for right to Marriage of same-sex couples in Hindu Marriage Act.
  • Petitioners stated that Section 5 of the Hindu Marriage Act is clearly saying that Marriage can be performed between ‘Any two Hindus’. However, nowhere is mentioned the compulsorily presence of one male and female gender to get married.
  • Not providing a similar rights to Homosexual Couples as Heterosexual Couples is the violation of Article 21 ‘Right to Life’.

Technical glitches faced by Candidates during NLAT examination

  • Several Candidates were facing technical glitches with regard to verification, login and facial recognition technology during the conduct of exam.
  • While the University asked to Candidates who were facing technical glitches during the examination can raise their respective queries by Sunday 12 p.m. and Candidates will receive responses. Also, University stated that admission would not be given to those candidates who you had involved in malpractices.
  • NLSIU will be released their answer key on 15th September on the website and the result for the admission will be subject to the order of SC.

SC has announced to release e-user guide for limited physical hearing

  • Essay of India provides a user guide for limited physical hearing in wake of Covid-19 pandemic. The user guide for e-nomination of counsel, e-nomination of clerk, e-application for special hearing pass and health declaration.
  • The user guide stated the procedure for the e-nomination of counsel and clerk for physical hearing and the details to apply for e-passes (passes to enter inside the court for special physical hearing).
  • Before entering into a court for special physical hearing, entrants have to sign a self-declaration form about fitness and good health.

Bombay HC gives Anticipatory bail to a Pune resident convicted under POSCO Act

On Friday, Justice Bharati Dangre contented that the provision of Protection of Children from Sexual Offences is applicable only when a child harassed with sexual intent and permitted to give anticipatory bail to the accused under Protection of Children from Sexual Offences, Act for tearing off clothes of a minor girl during scuffle.

Petition filed by activist Medha Patkar

Activist Medha Patkar filed a petition in Supreme Court for the temporary release of the prisoners from Maharashtra jails on account of covid-19 pandemic.

 SC issues guidelines for DU degree release

SC has issued several guidelines for Delhi University to adhere for the release of degree and mark sheets to its students.

National News

 Covaccine Will Be Available by 2021

Dr. Harshvardhan Union Health Minister said he will be the first person to offer himself for receiving COVID-19 vaccine.

Department of Biotechnology and the Indian Council of Medical Research

First Corona Virus Airport Testing Facility of India Has Launched

  • India’s first coronavirus airport testing facility launched at Indira Gandhi Airport New Delhi
  • Now passengers can undergo coronavirus test on airport
  • The facility has been launched by DIAL in collaboration with Genestrings Diagnostic Centre

50 Tonnes Oxygen to Be Supplied by Centre to Madhya Pradesh

Centre will supply 50 tonnes of oxygen to Madhya Pradesh as they are facing oxygen shortage during this pandemic

The daily requirement of oxygen of Madhya Pradesh is 180 tonnes

Parliament’s Monsoon Session to Be Start from Tomorrow

  • First parliament session to be held amid COVID-19
  • All safety measures to be taken
  • This will be fourth session of 17th Lok Sabha and 252nd session of Rajya Sabha starting from 14 September
  • This session is scheduled for 18 days

International News

Owing to the evacuation of two Australian journalists from China, Australian minister warns foreign journalists in the country

A doubtful scrutiny of two Australian journalists, Bill Birtles and Mike Smith, who worked in China, by Chinese Police officials, led to the evacuation of the two from China, last week.

The action further leads to Beijing accusing and alleging Australia of interference in China’s internal affairs and judicial sovereignty in order to provide diplomatic protection to Birtles and Smith.

Australian Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton further denied Australia’s interference in China’s internal affairs and also mentioned that the evacuation was not an outcome of any of the activities of Australian Agencies hindering the affairs of China.

He further warns the foreign (indirectly indicating Chinese) journalists working in Australia that they might come under the scrutiny of Australia’s national security agency ASIO. The warning comes as a response to the immediate and uncertain evacuation of the two Australian journalists from China, leaving Australia in an annoyed state.

US Marine Corps Officer, convicted of murdering a Filipino transgender woman, was granted an absolute pardon by Philippines President and was deported

After serving over half of ten year sentence, the US Marine Corps Officer named Lance Corporal Joseph Scott Pemberton, was released and deported to the US on Sunday morning after being granted an absolute pardon by Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte.

The accused who was then 19 years old was convicted of killing a Filipino transgender woman in 2014 by choking her to death.

In 2015, a court convicted Pemberton guilty of murdering 26 year old Jennifer Laude.

The victim’s family was not satisfied with the President’s decision and urged for the completion of the 10 year imprisonment sentence of the victim.

China’s Defense Ministry accused the US to be the greatest threat to the international order and world peace

As a result of clashes between the world’s two biggest economies, i.e., the US and China; China convicted the US of disrupting international peace in the world.

The Defense Ministry Spokesman Colonel Wu Qian on Sunday released a report stating “Many years of evidence shows that it is the US that is the fomenter of regional unrest, the violator of the international order and the destroyer of world peace.”

Qian further accused the US of initiating false and dishonest statements regarding China’s defense and military construction. He further stated that the activities of the US have led to the loss of lives of millions of people in addition to millions of being displaced in Iraq, Syria, Libya and other countries since past two decades.

The onus of the report was mainly focused on Taiwan, a US ally which China considers a part of its territory to be annexed by force if necessary.

The death toll due to the fierce wildfires is striking its increase in numbers day-by-day

Besides engulfing almost 31 lives in California, Oregon and Washington, the wildfires have also led to massive destruction of property burning down at least 4,375 square miles to ashes in California alone.

In order to suppress the deadly blazes of wildfires along the West Coast, around 16,000 firefighters were deployed on the spot to suppress the fire blasts and help the evacuees to vacate the Coast.

The death toll is expected to rise sharply at an alarming rate. California and Oregon accounted for most of the fatalities, among which 22 alone were in California since mid-August.

Amid these crisis times of COVID-19, the rising wildfires have posed yet another danger to human lives, doubting the irreparable losses faced by California and Oregon much greatly.

NASA shared rare photographs of the 9/11 terror attacks, taken from the space

The worst terrorist attack in the history of the US which resulted in the deaths of 3000 people, nineteen years ago in the New York City on the unfortunate day of September 11, 2001; was once again remembered by the US to pay tribute to those who lost their precious lives in the attack.

On 11th September, 2020; NASA shared the photographs which had captured the terrorist attack of 2001. The picture shows the smoke rising from Manhattan area after the two hijacked planes crashed into the towers of the World Trade Center and the Pentagon.

The image was released to pay homage to those who lost their lives in this dreadful incident; many countries across the world joined the US on the 19th anniversary of the dreadful attack, mourning over the irreparable loss.

Business News

Tommy Hilfiger Puts US house for sale

American clothing brand Tommy Hilfiger’s namesake Founder has put on sale his 22-acre house in Greenwich, Connecticut for $47.5 million.

Mutual Funds had made a net investment

Mutual Funds have withdrawn Rs 17,600 crore from stock markets in July-August, as Divam Sharma, co-founder of a portfolio management firm stated the withdrawals can be attributed to “The negative fund flows in equity mutual fund schemes” since the last two months.

Prime Minister unveils 3 petroleum projects.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday inaugurated three petroleum projects worth around Rs 900 crore in Bihar via video conferencing.

The projects include the Durgapura-Banka section of the Pradip-Haldia-Durgapur pipeline project and two liquefied petroleum gas bottling plants.

Valuation of four of top 10 firms soars

Four of the top 10 most valued Indian firms together added Rs 3.01 lakh crore last week, led by Reliance Industries (RIL) retail arm’s fundraising where RIL crossed the Rs 15 lakh crore-mark to its market valuation.

German pork imports banned

China on Saturday banned pork imports from Germany after the German Food and Agriculture Ministry confirmed its first case of African swine fever.

Sports News

U.S. Open | Azarenka wins Runner-up and Osaka wins Championship

  • The Australian player Victoria Azarenka completes final as a runner up in the U.S. Open tennis. She struggled a lot and gave a comeback.
  • She lost the title to Naomi Osaka, Japanese player. She also won a runner-up title in 2012 and 2013 in U.S. open championship.
  • In Italian open, they gave a wild card entry to play against the seven time grand slam title winner.

‘Governance failings’ will be addressed – CSA member’s council

  • The Country’s Olympic body suspended cricket South Africa (CSA) member’s council due to the failures in the administration.
  • The council now promised to take care of the problems and failures in the administration and the people who committed wrong will be punished accordingly.
  • Fundudzi Forensic Report had found the malfunctions in the CSA council where the CEO of the council was dismissed.

Lakers defeats Rocket | NBA west finals

  • On Saturday, with the LeBorn James leading the Lakers, in the NBA finals he took a win of 119-96 over the Rocket.
  • When the Los Angeles won in 2010, the Lakers was led by the Kobe Bryant defeating Phoenix.
  • LeBron James said, “It’s the reason I wanted to be a part of this franchise is to take them back to a place they were accustomed to being. And that’s competing for a championship”.
  • He also added that every game them the opportunity and made them better and reach far.

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