Prolawctor Daily News Update| 15 September 2020

Prolawctor Daily News Update| 15 September 2020- Prolawctor

Prolawctor Daily News Update

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SG Tushar Mehta tells Delhi High Court : Our legal system ,values does not recognise same – sex marriage

In case of Abhijit Iyer & ors vs UOI a division bench which comprised of Chief Justice DN Patel and Justice Prateek Jalan were hearing a public interest litigation seeking a declaration that was to recognise the right of same sex couples to marry under the Hindu marriage act,1956

SG Tushar Mehta told that our legal system and values do not recognise marriage which is sacramental between same sex couples

SG Tushar Mehta also mentioned that whatever the petitioner is seeking cannot be granted because it will destroy the statutory provision that are already in place.

He also referred the section on degrees of prohibition in Hindu Marriage act and told that act referred marriage between only man and women. He also mentioned that Supreme Court has only decriminalized homosexuality, nothing more than that.

High Court- landless can’t be evicted despite not having any title

The 2 judges’ bench directed the government to verify the nature of encroachment as well as the land and make arrangements to allot the land and building in encroachers being landless for 3-6 months because every person has a right to life.

The state cannot evict any person from a land if he doesn’t have title.

The high court barred the government from removing the residents of Sahaba village in Churu district who inhabited a johar land.

Fake cheques in Ram Mandir Trust

Trust secretary Champat Rai filed an FIR with Ayodhya police and no arrests have been made yet.

Shri ram janmabhoomi teerth Kshetra trust in Ayodhya has been defrauded by two fake cheques of amount 6 lakhs.

The fraud was detected in process of verification.

Karnataka HC – second marriage is lawful as per Sharia law but more often than not it causes enormous cruelty to first wife

Karnataka High court said that merely because an act is lawful it does not mean that it becomes justified in married life.

Second marriage in Sharia law cause enormous cruelty to first wife and it is justifying her to claim for divorce.

The court held that the foundation of marriage is mutual support and security of spouses and husband should protect wife if in case he is unable to do so, then the wife is entitled to oppose restitution of conjugal rights.

Centre tells SC that jhuggis will not be removed

Tushar Mehta told SC that no jhuggis will be removed till the railway ministry is in talks with the Delhi government and urban development ministry. They had asked for four weeks’ time to decide this.

Tamil actor ‘Suriya’ has committed contempt

Madras HC: Justice SM Subramaniam has written a letter to the Chief Justice AP Sahi demanded to take action of Suo Motu criminal contempt of the court against Tamil actor Suriya for his statement about Judges in the reference of the court for allowing the conduct of NEET examination in the corona pandemic.

The rights activist and senior advocate Henry Tiphagne told that there was nothing in the actor’s statement that warranted contempt proceedings. “He has not named any judge or court or passed any disparaging comments. He is a socially conscious actor. His comments just reflected the common sentiment that is prevailing in society today. It is a fact that the courts are not functioning. While virtual courts are functioning, children were exposed to the threat of infection under the ruse of examination. Even lawyers have been demanding that courts should start functioning physically. The judiciary needs to be tolerant”.


Libyan government resigns

Benghazi Protest in Libya over perishing living conditions, corruption and failure of proper electrical supply forced the government to resign.

Khalif Hafter was commander-in-chief of the Libyan National Army.

Abdallah al-Thani, the Prime Minister of Libya presented the resignation to the President of the Libyan House of Representatives, Aguila Saleh Issa.

Nerve gases used to poison the opposition leader

Anti-corruption activist and Russian politician, Alexei Anatolievich Navalny came back to life from prolonged unconsciousness.

Laboratories reports, military nerve gases used to poison Mr. Navalny.

One of a group of seven binary chemical weapons developed by the Soviet Union and Russia basically known as Novichok agent was used, says Medical officer.

The investigation was under OPCW and the three laboratories individually reports presence of Novichok in the samples.

The world’s largest cruise ship

  • The world’s largest cruise ship to be built by royal Caribbean.
  • “The Wonder of the Seas” to be known as the largest cruise ship of the world, says Michael Bayley.
  • Michael Bayley is the CEO of Royal Caribbean.
  • On 05 September 2020, the cruise ship was conveyed to the outfitting Harbor.
  • The debut of the cruise ship to be in 2022.

RM30 million to be spent to build a walkway

A 350m colonnade to be built by the state government of Johor.

The walkway will ease the people’s living who walk across the land link connecting Johor Baru to Woodlands.

The federal government of Malaysia has doubled allocation of RM15 million after the redesigning of the colonnade with escalators and air-conditioners.

The US President Donald Trump gave his assent and signed a new executive order on Sunday which would ensure lower drug prices in the US

Before the November 3rd, 2020 Presidential election; Trump signed a new expanded order on Sunday.

The new order is said to replace the July 24th, 2020 executive order by Trump, according to which only those drugs used in doctors’ offices and health clinics were included in the mandate.

The previous order was limited only to the drugs inclusive in Medicare Part B, whereas the new order extends to the lowering of the drug prices inclusive in Medicare Part D.

The new expanded order also extends to the prescription drugs available at pharmacy, which attempts to lower the drug prices in the US.

The Chinese Company Zhenhua Data Information Technology Company Limited was accused of violating data security norms of around 35,000 Australians

The Chinese Company Zhenhua Data Information Technology Company Limited, which is believed to monitor around 10,000 Indian individuals and organizations, have leaked the data records of over 35,000 Australians.

The data leaked includes the personal details in addition to photographs.

Among the 35,558 individuals who had their data compiled by Zhenhua, include Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison, Atlassian co-founders Mike Cannon-Brookes, Scott Farquhar, business leaders David Gonski and Jennifer Westacott; whose data records have been leaked.

Yoshihide Suga is all set to serve as Japan’s next Prime Minister with majority votes:

Yoshihide Suga, currently the Chief Cabinet secretary of Shinzo Abe government, after receiving 377 votes in the ruling Liberal Democratic Party election, was elected as the new head of Japan’s ruling party on Monday.

The majority votes have already guaranteed Suga becoming the next PM of Japan after Shinzo Abe, who had announced his resignation from the post last month owing to heath issues.

The terrorist group Al-Qaeda warned the French satirical magazine of facing grave adverse consequences due to re-publishing controversial content about Prophet Mohammed

The warnings by Al-Qaeda come after Charlie Hebdo republished the derogatory and controversial caricatures representing Prophet Mohammed.

The terrorist group Al-Qaeda threatened to carry out another massacre at the magazine’s office situated in Paris.

The cartoons related to Prophet Mohammed had already made the weekly magazine the target of a brutal gun rampage in 2015.

TikTok’s parent company ByteDance decided to choose Oracle over Microsoft as a new American technology partner

The action comes in order to continue the popular Chinese video-sharing app operating in the US after the President Trump fixed the official deadline of September 15th, 2020.

One of the Chinese Foreign Ministry Officials described the deal as a “typical government-coerced transaction”.

If the respective deal is approved by the Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States (CFIUS), then it is likely that TikTok would be allowed to continue operating in the US.

WHO  record single  day rise in global Covid-19

The World Health Organisation on Sunday reported single day rise in global Covid-19. It has been increased by 307,930 in 24 hours.

India, United State and Brazil were at the highest.  More than 1000 new deaths were reported from both India and United State and 874 from Brazil in the past 24 hours.

Death toll increases by 5,537 to a total of 917,417.

U.S ambassador  to China appears  to leaving  his post

The Secretary of State Mike Pompeo on Monday tweets that the U.S ambassador to china Terry Branstad is leaving his post.

Terry Branstad’s more than 3 years’ service was appreciated by Mike Pompeo. But State Department have not confirmed the fact. And China Foreign Ministry also said that till time no notification had been received by him about Branstad   leaving his post.

Donald Trump hold packed indoor  campaign  rally  in Nevada

Americans President Donald Trump held a Campaign rally indoor in Nevada at a manufacturing facility. Defying orders from the State’s governor prohibiting large gathering.

While Supporters visible behind the President were made to wear mask, several    thousand present in venue were without mask.

Trump is facing criticism for holding such campaign as city officials have already warned the company that the event as planned would be a direct violation of governors Covid19 emergency directions. And company may alsobe $500 fine or suspension of their business licence.


Harivansh Narayan Became Rajya Sabha Deputy Chairman for The Second Time Continuously

  • He was elected as deputy chairman by through voice voting system
  • BJP party’s president and MP JP Nadda proposed his name In front of the house
  • Harivansh Narayan defeated opposition candidate Manoj Jha

Bill Ensuring the Quality of Homeopathy and Indian System of Medicine has been Passed by Parliament

National Commission of Homeopathy Bill and the National Commission for Indian System of Medicine Bill were passed by Lok Sabha

Both the litigations are now ready to become laws as they were earlier approved by the Rajya Sabha and now Lok Sabha nodded to them only the formal approval of the President is left.

Kashmir Observed ‘Balidan Divas’ on 14th September

Kashmiri Pandits with BJP leaders observed Balidan Divas to pay tribute to Kashmiri Pandits who were killed during terrorist attacks in 1989

14th September is the death anniversary of Kashmiri Pandit Tika Lal Taploo. He was the first Kashmiri Pandit to be killed in the riots during 1989.

Umar Khalid is Under Arrest for Alleged Role in Delhi Riots

He was arrested under Unlawful Activities Prevention Act by Delhi Police’s special cell

The riots were started from the clash which took place between the supporters of citizenship amendment act and those who are against it on 24 February 2020

Around 53 people died and 200 were injured during the riots 

Umar Khalid was arrested yesterday at 1 am by Delhi police has been sent for remand by Delhi court for 10 days in relation to the Delhi riots case.


Infosys acquiring GuideVision for about ₹260.4 crore

Acquisition to be carried on by Infosys for up to €30 million & they will acquire GuideVision which is a Czech Republic based.

The end-to-end offerings of GuideVision includes Snow Mirror which is a proprietary smart data replication tool which further enables over 100 enterprise clients to simplify complex business & IT processes.

The nearshore capabilities & training activity of GuideVision will strengthen Infosys

Infosys Footprint- An Exciting opportunity for both customers and employees

S & P forecast Indian Economy Contraction of 9% in FY21

Due to rise in COVID-19 cases, S & P slashed its FY21 growth to -9% which was earlier -5% and it has been said that this pandemic will restrain the economic activity.

Expected economic growth in 2021-22 is at 10%.

The risk affecting the growth includes a poor recovery in informal sectors of economy & deeper economic losses for the enterprises.

Rise of 0.16% in Wholesale Price Index in month of August

Manufactured products and food items got costlier which resulted in WPI inflation rise 0.16% in August

Inflation was 7.03% in vegetables and (-) 34.48% in onions. Also, for potatoes, it was 82.93%

Hardening of inflation at 1.27% was witnessed by manufactured products in August against 0.15% in July.

CPI Retail Inflation rate rose by 6.69% in August

  • As per the Ministry & Programme Implementation, Retail Inflation growth grew to 6.69%
  • Retail Inflation was revised to 6.73% from 6.93% in July and 6.23% from 6.09% for June
  • It has been mandated by govt. to keep inflation within the range of 4% with a margin of 2% on either side.
  • CFPI eased to 9.05% in the month of August
  •  Inflation figure remained above RBIs medium-term target for fifth month in a row


England wins the 2nd ODI on Sunday

  • The famous England wins the 2nd ODI match against Australia.
  • They won Australia by 24 runs and balanced the three match series.
  • Australia lost the game by four wickets for three runs. Before that they were aiming at 232 runs as target.
  • The scores of Australia and England are 207 (48.4 overs) and 231- 9 (50 overs) respectively.

Dominic Thiem to win finals | U.S. Opens

  • In the U.S. Opens finals, Dominic Thiem played against the Alexander Zverev and won the title on Sunday.
  • He was defeated three times in major tennis finals.
  • In the history of grand finals, this is the first time where the finals done by solving the tie break.
  • Thieum is 27 years old. He is the first Austrian to win the U.S. finals in 71 years.

Lewis Hamilton attains his 90th win |Tuscan GP

  • Lewis Hamilton on Sunday stepped in to his career’s 90th win by winning the Tuscan Grand Prix.
  • He was just one shot behind the all-time record of the famous Michael Schumacher
  • The game was restarted after stopping twice
  • Lewis said, “It was all a bit of a daze. It was like three races in one day
  • He completed the race in 2h 19m 35.060s.

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