An evolving landscape of technological advancements in the field of law

An evolving landscape of technological advancements in the field of law
An evolving landscape of technological advancements in the field of law

Technology is the tool that has the power to turn the world. In recent times, the evolvement of technology has been on a rise in every filed. With an increase in the way technological advancements are taking place, the manner of practice of law for the lawyers is changing as well. The profession of law is embracing the technology as it has empowered it to automate its various practice and processes. One of the reasons for the recent spur in the revolution of technology in the field of law is due to the digitization of the cases. Also, due to the prevailing situations where attending the cases physically is not possible, alternative solutions are being resorted to with the help of technology. Artificial Intelligence is thus slowly emerging as the new boon even in the field of law. There are numerous ways in which technological advancements can play a key role in the field of law. These are as follows:

  • Emergence of wider access to legal information-

There was a time when all the lawyers conducted their research by using books. Books have been a major source of references for long. However, in recent times, there has been a shift in the source of reference where a lot of lawyers are now resorting to the online materials. The majority of research work can now be conducted electronically through various reliable sources such as the Westlaw and Lexis Nexis. Easy access to case laws, regulations, and statutes online is now increasing the trend of online legal research rather than an offline method of researching through books or journals. Access to all forms of sources online has empowered the law firms to store as well as aggregate statistics in new ways which were not possible in the past.

  • Telecommunication of lawyers and clients-

Building client communication and client relations are essential in the field of law. Communication between a lawyer and a client has always been about personally meeting to discuss the case. However, the emergence of telecommunication is proving beneficial to various law firms in recent times. It serves numerous benefits such as an increase in flexibility, saving time, as well as cost and enables boosted relations with clients. With software that allows video conferencing, meetings with the clients can be held even if they’re at their home, office, and also if they reside abroad. This also saves time as well as the cost of both the lawyer and the client. Today, numerous law firms are setting up unified tools of communication, which allows them to work remotely as well as broaden their mode of interaction with the clients. One such tool is the advanced CRM (Customer Relationship Management). In this tool, as soon as a client communicates his problem to the law firm, his/her personalized information pops up on the screen including the name, address, contact, and some prior information regarding the case. This enables the firm to provide the client with the right person to handle the case.

  • Automation of E- Discovery

The management of physical records has always been a drawback of the legal industry. The inefficiency and difficulty of their maintenance have been hampering the smooth functioning of the management of cases. In the recent times, there has been a discovery of digital management of records. Going digital, when it comes to the management of records has proven to be an efficient method of storing essential and needful files as well as information. It also enables the smooth processing and preparation for any proceeding. The emergence of E-discovery has empowered the law firms as well as corporations to reduce the labor load involved in the process of litigation like storage, record management, and evaluation. With the right software and using the correct tools, the firms and corporations can save a large amount of financial as well as human resources. It would prevent all the hustle of collecting, storing, and piling the physical documents under a haystack. The capturing and managing the automation of records precisely can lead any firm to great heights.

  • Simplification of management of cases-

Management of cases involves practices such as fixing the essential dates of the case, producing documents, organizing the list of clients and contacts, managing documents, etc. The physical process of management of a litigation case is usually a tedious process for any lawyer. Digitization of case management has enabled the lawyers to reduce a lot of burden that is involved in the management of a case. The online software carries out automatic management, including scheduling case dates, providing easy access to entering data for billing, and keeping an orderly track of all the stored documents. Thus, the entire data is centralized in one place that reduces a lot of haphazard. The software is usually also available on mobile phones, and hence, even those lawyers who only have access to their mobile devices can efficiently make use of it.

  • Online case filing-

Lawyers have been filing cases by visiting the courts for decades. A lot of lawyers today, are now resorting to paperless documentation for becoming more eco-friendly. Previously, the courts did not grant permission to do so. However, today, the courts themselves have given the access and permitted the lawyers to file their cases online that doesn’t require any paperwork. The method of submitting and filing cases is usually called an E-filing. This method reduces the time as well as the cost of filing the case in the paper. It has become easy for all the lawyers out there to claim for a case or to handle their legal proceedings. Convenience is another benefit that is reaped out of such a method as it saves the time as well as effort of all those lawyers for whom it may be inconvenient to travel to courts. Another benefit that e-filing provides is that the case filed could now be seen in the sequence of its timeline. This means that all the cases can be viewed from the date they were filed, and to when an evidence was produced or when the document was introduced, etc.

Technology is thus becoming an integral part of the legal industry. The benefits that the power of technology is providing are enabling the lawyers to resort to much easy and safer ways of carrying out various processes involved in the field of law. Thus, the technological advancements are evolving rapidly among the lawyers.

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